Full-Time MBA
Integrated & Cross-Functional

Integrated & Cross-Functional

One of the clear takeaways from the research used when we redesigned the Fisher Full-Time MBA  is the importance of being able to think cross-functionally when approaching a business decision. To this end, the MBA program applies a multi-faceted approach to integrate the core coursework and train leaders to successfully and confidently apply this knowledge in their careers.

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An Integrated MBA Experience

  • Open/Close 1.5 hour Integration Sessions & Development Workshops Connect Core Courses

    Integration Sessions: In the first semester of the curriculum, Thursday afternoons will include a 1.5-hour integration lecture designed to assist students in building a cross-functional approach to business. In each session, two or more core faculty from different disciplines will co-teach a case or activity that highlights the connections and complementarities between core courses. To facilitate these integrated sessions, the first-semester coursework has been broken into 3 “blocks” so that all core functional courses (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Leadership) overlap for several weeks.

    Development Workshops: In the first semester of the curriculum, Tuesday afternoons (1.5 hours) will have Development Workshops to grow where you need to grow. They are topic based (examples: Statistics and Analytics, Communication and Presentation, Microsoft Excel, and more).

    Finally, a Core Capstone at the end of the first semester will challenge students to apply the core material cross-functionally, and provide students feedback on their professional growth through the Full-Time MBA program.

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  • Open/Close Real-World Cross-Functional Learning

    Beyond the integration of academic coursework, there are also multiple experiential learning opportunities that allow students to hone their ability to work cross-functionally. The Business Lab course in the second semester will engage students in solving a real-world problem for a local firm with a cross-functional approach. The Global Applied Projects course offers a second opportunity to participate in a hands-on business project, working for a firm abroad to gain experience and perspective that comes from working in a foreign country. In the third semester, students will have the opportunity to work with a local non-profit in identifying, scoping, and completing a business project in the Social Impact Challenge.

  • Open/Close Challenge Your Enhanced Skillset

    Finally, in the last semester, all students will take the Max Problem Solving course. The purpose of this course is to examine the most challenging problems in society, to understand them through a business lens, and to develop/propose solutions using application of business concepts and knowledge from throughout the FTMBA program.

  • Open/Close Coaching at Fisher

    Your MBA experience includes access to a team of coaches dedicated to your success as a student, job-seeker and professional. Build on your strengths, close skills gaps and define yourself as a leader in the marketplace.

    Academic Coaching
    Academic Coaching is one piece of coaching at Fisher. Your Academic coach helps you navigate the academic options available at Fisher and Ohio State. 

    • Guidance creating a customized curriculum based on interests and goals
    • Advising for registration, course selection and optional pathways
    • Reviews and tracks your progress throughout your journey
    • Provides a point of contact

    Coaching is a major differentiator and a key component of your MBA journey. Next, learn about Professional Development Coaching and Career Coaching. These coaches help you succeed in your internship and career search.

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The Full-Time MBA redesign highlights Fisher’s dedication to providing students with cross-functional expertise and the experience to help them apply it confidently on day one. Given the importance of this ability to recruiters, we are excited about the integration aspect of the redesign and the value it can provide to our students.

Roger BaileyFull-Time MBA Co-Director, Senior Lecturer


Oftentimes, business students are trained to look for the single best solution to a problem. However, people are complex, and so is each situation. In my classes, I emphasize the importance of combining one’s own and others’ experiences with scientific methodology and evidence to evaluate management practices and make management decisions.

Jasmine HuFull-Time MBA, Associate Professor

(Best 40-under-40 Professor '21)

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