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Students in Fisher’s Full-Time MBA program can now choose to pursue a STEM-designated specialization. Fisher’s STEM MBA highlights our commitment to meeting the needs of students and employers, as well as our dedication to ensuring that Fisher students continue to be among the most in-demand graduates around the world.

STEM MBA: Gain an edge

STEM MBA students gain fluency in the practical methods of scientific inquiry, technology, mathematics and statistics and learn to apply these techniques to problems in business and management. This unique skillset gives STEM MBA students an edge in any job market and the analytical skills to lead today’s data-driven organizations. As a graduate, you’ll be able to:

     •    Define problems and articulate business implications
     •    Apply analytical and statistical techniques
     •    Make decisions through systematic critical thinking
     •    Develop innovative and precise solutions


     •    International students can remain in the U.S. for an additional two years of Optional Practical Training (OPT), which equates to three years total without an H1-B visa
     •    STEM-designation can enhance your career prospects with E-Verified employers
     •    STEM jobs generally yield higher wages than non-STEM jobs
     •    The demand for STEM-designated degrees is growing faster than non-STEM roles

STEM Benefits

How it works

Fisher’s STEM MBA is a specialization within the Full-Time MBA Program. Like all other Full-Time MBA students, STEM MBA students take the same 33 credit hours of required core coursework and 27 credit hours of electives. However, the 60 hours of total coursework for STEM MBA students must include at least 30 credit hours of STEM content. The core coursework contributes 18 hours of STEM content toward the specialization. Students then complete the requirements by selecting 12 or more credit hours worth of coursework from a set list of approved electives that emphasize STEM content. MBA students pursuing the STEM MBA must formally declare they are pursuing the specialization.

  • Open/Close Which required core classes in the MBA program count toward the STEM MBA?

    Six of the required core courses, comprising 18 credit hours, count toward STEM in the Full-Time MBA program. The core coursework emphasizing STEM content are:

    • MBA 6211: Accounting for Decision Making (3)
    • MBA 6223: Finance (3)
    • MBA 6233: Operations Management (3)
    • MBA 6243: Organizations, Markets and Management (3)
    • MBA 6273: Data Analysis for Managers (3)
    • MBA 6292: Business Lab Challenge (3)
  • Open/Close What are my options when selecting my STEM electives?

    Students in the STEM MBA specialization meet the requirements by selecting 12 credit hours of elective coursework from a set list of approved electives.  Questions? E-mail mba@fisher.osu.edu.

    View the approved list of STEM MBA electives

    STEM MBA Electives List

  • Open/Close Do I need a background in STEM to pursue the STEM MBA?

    Students do not need to have a STEM background, nor do they need additional pre-requisites to pursue the STEM MBA beyond what is required of all Full-Time MBA applicants. The MBA program’s core coursework provides a solid foundation for students who elect the STEM MBA.

  • Open/Close How do I declare my pursuit of the STEM MBA?

    Admitted students who declare their interest in pursuing the STEM MBA are placed in the specialization upon matriculation. Enrolled students looking to move into or out of the STEM MBA specialization can work directly with their MBA advisor. Your MBA advisor will contact Graduate Registration Services to request the manual switch.

    Instructions: To declare your intent to pursue the STEM MBA, select the checkbox on your started application labeled "Check here if you intend to pursue the STEM designation." If you have already submitted your application, you can email us at mba@fisher.osu.edu to have us manually update your application. If you have already been admitted, contact the Full-Time MBA Academic Advisor: Karyn Clarridge.

    Note: international students who graduate under a STEM-designated program will benefit from an extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) period. Applicants to this program will go through the same application process/standards as the traditional MBA program. 

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