The world needs principled leaders who can make a lasting impact on their organizations, their communities and beyond. Fisher College of Business is committed to creating ideas, encouraging scholars, and developing leaders who positively impact their communities and the world. We are dedicating new energy and investment into leadership via research, community partnerships, and individualized and experiential development opportunities.

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Research and Outreach

We contribute to the scholarly community by sponsoring research across campus, collaborating with other colleges, establishing world-class research agendas, and publishing our work in top academic journals.

Our Leadership Model

We have developed a comprehensive leadership assessment to measure individual leadership competency, behavior, and skills. Learn more

Current Research Projects

Our inaugural Leadership Research Grants program awarded over $60,000 to faculty, staff and students engaging in leadership research across Ohio State’s campus. Learn more

Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire (LBDQ)

Developed by Ohio State Leadership Studies team and R. Stogdil, in 1963, the LBDQ is widely used to assess and describe leader behaviors. Learn more

Leadership Initiative Academic Conference

Witness cutting-edge leadership research presentations, delivered by faculty, staff, and students from a variety of colleges across Ohio State. Presentations begin Thursday, February 22 at 3pm in Pfahl Hall Room 140 and last for 15-minutes each. All are welcome to attend. View the presentation schedule

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Certificate in Leadership

Dean's Leadership Academy

“Leadership and the ability to lead with principles is foundational to any business or organization and is critical to individual personal development,” said Anil K. Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business at Fisher. “We’re excited to broaden the scope of the DLA with a program that provides the next generation of leaders with the skills, experiences and personal feedback so critical to leadership development. We look forward to helping establish Fisher College of Business as today’s destination for tomorrow’s leaders.”

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