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We need principled leaders now more than ever.

In an age where most people learn about leadership through ‘airport books,’ TED Talks, and podcasts, it is difficult for leaders to know which leadership ideas are true and which are passing fads.

The BUILD Leadership Model was designed to provide leaders with the information they need to rise to the challenges they face on a daily basis. The BUILD Leadership Model is grounded in the science of leadership – the true study of what makes leaders and organizations effective – and includes 18 core leadership competencies to lead oneself, to lead groups and teams, and to lead organizations and communities. BUILD competencies can be measured through the BUILD Leadership Assessment, a behaviorally-based instrument designed to help leaders understand opportunities to improve their leadership skills through individual and observer ratings.


There are a number of notable leadership assessments that are currently on the marketplace and are frequently used across industries. We believe BUILD is the best leadership assessment available in the world and holds a significant advantage over other competitors.

Advantages of BUILD

  • BUILD is evidence-based.

    All 36 leadership skills measured in our assessment were selected from the research on leadership across disciplines. These leadership behaviors have been proven to lead to increased individual leadership performance and greater effectiveness in organizations.

  • BUILD is comprehensive.

    The BUILD assessment includes measures for 36 observable leadership skills and 18 corresponding competencies – there are two skills measured per competency. Measuring many skills is useful because there is not one, best way to lead. Leaders are required to adjust their behaviors based on the individuals they lead and situations they face on a daily basis.

  • BUILD involves peer feedback.

    Users may invite anyone to evaluate their leadership effectiveness, and we encourage at least 3 raters complete the assessment to generate more valid results. However, the results produced in the report are listed simply as “Self” and “Peer” scores to ensure confidentiality in rater feedback.

  • BUILD measures leadership behaviors.

    Although individuals may have innate leadership talents, we believe leadership skills and behaviors can be developed. Measuring how often an individual displays leadership behaviors allows an individual to understand that they have opportunities to improve their leadership performance by focusing on their performance.

  • BUILD is appropriate for leaders at any stage.

    We include three organizing categories for the leadership skills and competencies measured in BUILD: Self-Leadership, Relational Skills, and Stewardship. Whether you are an emerging or experienced leader, with or without a formally appointed title, all leaders are required to lead and influence themselves, others, and those around them effectively.

  • BUILD conceives leadership as an influence process grounded in principles.

    Although there are many definitions of leadership, we believe leadership is an influence process through which individuals influence other people and groups to think, do, and feel things that they otherwise would not think, do, or feel – all guided by a leader’s values.

  • BUILD measures how effectively an individual displays their principles.

    We believe principled leaders are those who: a) Know their values, b) Transparently shares their values with others, c) Considers the consequences of their decisions, and d) Acts consistently upon their values. Leaders who make decisions guided by their values in consistent manners generate trust within their followers and across their organizations.

Created by Dr. Timothy A. Judge – world #1 cited leadership scholar, 2017 – and members of the Fisher Leadership Initiative research team, we believe BUILD is the most comprehensive and evidence-based leadership assessment available.

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