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WHAT IS The BUILD leadership model?

The BUILD Leadership Model is our multi-face, evidence-based principled leadership model that has advantages over other models and measures of leadership. It is built upon decades of leadership research and is firmly grounded on a strong foundation of evidence. Meanwhile, different from most existing leadership models, which are more singular and only measure a few leadership traits, the BUILD Leadership Model is more comprehensive by including leadership skills from multiple faces of leadership, including the organization/unit as a whole, the leadership acts involved in relating to others and, most fundamentally of all, leadership of oneself. We label these three faces as Stewardship, Relational Skills, and Self-Leadership, respectively.

The process of developing as a leader is often characterized as a journey. A leader’s journey can be illustrated as a multi-faceted mountainous terrain, outfitted with various peaks, valleys, winds, and bends. This mountain of leadership is represented in our BUILD leadership model. The illustrations below as well as the paragraphs on the next several pages define the components of BUILD in detail. Each face contains six competencies. Although depicted in differing sizes, each of the 18 competencies are of equal importance. Each competency consists of two individual leadership skills. This report includes an evaluation of your leadership skills over all these items
(skills, competencies, and faces).

BUILD Leadership Model

THE build leadership assessment

What are your leadership strengths and weaknesses?

Our leadership assessment determines your leadership competency level both from your perspective and the perspective of others (of your choice) that rate you. To do this, you are assessed in accordance with the 18 different leadership competencies of our model. For this reason, we consider the BUILD leadership assessment to be the most comprehensive, empirical research assessment that exists.   

Join the more than 3,700 other students who have already taken it and receive your own personalized leadership assessment. Are you ready to begin your leadership development journey?

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Once you and your raters have completed your assessment, you will receive your own customized report. The purpose of the report is to help you to understand your level of competence on each leadership skill. The report also provides you with an overview of our leadership model and offers you a guide to understanding your scores and what resources are available to you to progress both in areas where you excel and those that need developed.

It is integral to our mission and purpose here at Fisher College of Business to develop you into your best leader. FLI is the means to do it. Fisher and the Leadership Initiative are absolutely committed to creating the experiences that will help you to engage in the journey of the leadership development process.  The BUILD leadership assessment provides you with the starting point for this journey, and acts as your own personal map to help guide you.