Certificate in Leadership
Dean's Leadership Academy

"A great leader is someone who is able to create a sense of safety, develop a vision and translate it into reality."

Successful leaders inspire others and make a positive impact in their community. Develop the critical skills you will need to be a successful leader in your field by earning a Certificate in Leadership from the Dean’s Leadership Academy.

Within the Dean’s Leadership Academy (DLA), you will develop essential leadership skills, hone your self-awareness and leadership effectiveness, gain real-world leadership experience and connect with a community of driven and inclusive leaders. All Ohio State undergraduate students* with a declared major and a cumulative GPA of 3.0+ are eligible to enroll.


Employers look to hire students who possess the following skills: teamwork (78% of employers), problem solving (77% of employers) and effective communication (75% of employers). By completing the DLA coursework, you will build these and many more.

Stand out to employers. Employers are actively recruiting students with leadership skills. Employers look to hire students who possess the teamwork (78% of employers), problem solving (77% of employers) and effective communication (75% of employers) skills. Earning a Certificate in Leadership from the DLA differentiates you from the crowd and helps you stand out during job or internship searches. DLA students have gone on to secure positions at Owens Corning, National Air and Space Intelligence Center, The Superior Group, Cigna, KeyBank, Amazon, Deloitte, Oracle, PolyOne, PNC, Cisco, JP Morgan Chase, EY, Grainger and more. 

Learn to lead. The DLA leverages experiential content to create a unique classroom experience. DLA classes routinely incorporate practical, project-based exercises to apply what you are learning.

Evidence-based approach. All DLA courses are grounded in evidence-based research. Content is derived from BUILD leadership assessment, which provides you with customized feedback and a roadmap to success. 

Leaders solve societal challenges, empower others, and elevate our quality of life. Start making a positive impact today by developing your leadership skills in the Dean’s Leadership Academy!

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The Student Experience

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Students may begin the coursework and participate in other experiences supported by the DLA as early as their second semester on campus. The following courses are offered through the Dean’s Leadership Academy. To complete the certificate, students must take a minimum of 15 total credit hours of the courses below.

  • DLA Courses

    To complete the Certificate, you must complete five (5) of the courses listed below:


    MHR 2210: Personal Leadership and Team Effectiveness (3 credits)


    1. MHR 3211: Leadership and Character (3 credits)
    2. MHR 3220: Leadership Legacy (3 credits)
    3. MHR 4228: Organizational Coaching (3 credits) 
    4. MHR 4235: Developing Leaders through Practical Exercises (3 credits)
    5. MHR 4236: Crucial Conversations (3 credits)
    6. MHR 4244: Negotiations (3 credits) 

*Note: For students from other OSU colleges, the Leadership Certificate shows up on a transcript like a minor but does not constitute admission to Fisher College of Business.

From Students 

A great leader is someone who is able to create a sense of safety, develop a vision, and translate it into reality. Being a part of the Dean’s Leadership Academy has taught me that leadership is not only about managing others but also inspiring people around you to move forward.

Hariz FaesolGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy


In order to be a good leader, you have to really have to know yourself first before you can lead others. I really got in touch with my leadership styles and where my weaknesses are and I developed more of a game plan for how to address those weaknesses. My confidence as a leader has improved.

Casey MiglinGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy


Being a part of the DLA was one of the best things I think I could have done for myself in undergrad. I loved the workshops and classes and how that’s made me into a better, more confident leader.

Subha SivakumarGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy

The DLA program is a great option for students looking to develop their leadership abilities as well as progress their skills and abilities. This program taught me a lot about myself, others, and the world around me. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable entering the workplace with these classes and skills in my portfolio. This is a great program! 

Stephanie SmileyGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy


The DLA showed me that anyone has the ability to become a great leader. You don’t have to change yourself to fit into a mold, you just need to find out who you are and run with it.”

Jada WashingtonGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy


The SDLA was a wonderful, unprecedented opportunity to develop primarily as an individual and then as a leader. In a brief amount of time, I developed more as a person, student, and professional than I could imagine.

Josh WiseleyGraduate, Dean's Leadership Academy