Organizational Leadership Development

aerial of Fisher College of Business

As a top-tier research university and business school, we understand first-hand the challenge organizations face in developing a pipeline of effective leaders that will continuously drive organizational growth.  It’s the #1 issue facing organizations today – and according to the Society for Human Resource Management, will continue to be for the next decade.

What we do

To meet the needs of leaders everywhere, we have developed a portfolio of evidence-based and practical leadership experiences for individuals, teams and organizations. These offerings vary from open enrollment opportunities to organizational assessment tools and custom program experiences.

Whether you are an individual contributor, team leader or executive, we’re here to help you improve your leadership effectiveness.

How we’re different

Our leadership portfolio is grounded in our principled, evidence-based leadership model – BUILD.

Built upon decades of leadership research, BUILD is the most comprehensive and science-backed leadership model available to organizations. Created by world-renown researchers at Max M. Fisher College of Business, BUILD provides leaders with the information they need to lead with their values and rise to the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Why does this matter?

Unlike other leadership models, BUILD measures behaviors that have been rigorously proven to increase leadership effectiveness.  We leverage these behaviors to design experiential, relevant, and highly impactful leader development trainings for our partner organizations.