To meet the needs of the leaders across the world, the Fisher Leadership Initiative now offers online webinars on important and timely leadership topics. These webinars are performed live and feature topic experts from the field. Register for one of our upcoming sessions or watch a previous recording through the tabs below:

Previous topics (Recordings and job aids)

  • March – June 2020

    Leading Remote Teams

    How can you successfully lead your team through the COVID-19 pandemic? On March 24 and March 30, the Fisher Leadership Initiative discussed strategies and best practices for leading remote teams.

    Part one featured Chris Shanahan (Frost & Sullivan), Beth Britt (METTLER TOLEDO), Todd Swenson (CoverMyMeds) and Charles Buchanan (Ohio Army National Guard)

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    Part two featured Col. Mark Cappone (Ohio University), Katie Hackney (Beacon Hill Technologies) and Paul Nedeau (Hussman)

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    Leading in Times of Crisis

    How do you know you are in a crisis as a leader? More importantly, how do you respond? 

    Expand your toolkit for responding to crises through this April 2 conversation with Rob Glenn, Director of the Office of Business, Industry, and Infrastructure Integration at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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    Making Remote Meetings Successful: The Surprising Science of Meetings

    Meetings, whether they are held in-person or remotely, are critically important to the success of an organization. They help us share information, make decisions, and collaborate with one another. 

    On April 7, world's meeting expert Dr. Steven Rogelberg joined us to share evidence-based strategies for holding more effective remote meetings.

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    How to Coach and Develop Employees Virtually

    No matter the time or place, leaders face numerous hurdles in their journey to success. Many organizations deploy coaching programs to help their employees overcome challenges and grow as a leader.

    On April 14, Natalie Siston (Nationwide) and Kay Smith (Fisher Leadership Initiative) joined us to discuss coaching in organizations through virtual means. 

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    Resilience in Team Leadership

    In times of crisis, leaders must show resiliency in order for their organization to effectively operate on a day to day basis. How can leaders show resiliency through the COVID-19 pandemic?

    On April 21, Dr. Lyn Hardy (The Ohio State University College of Nursing) and Jen Shanahan (Fisher Leadership Initiative) joined us to discuss resilient leaders and resilient teams. 

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    Preparing Your Team to Return to Work

    As organizations across the nation prepare for their workforce to return on-site, we can anticipate a transition period in how teams interact and collaborate. What might this transition look like for your organization? 

    On April 28th, we hosted Susan Basso (The Ohio State University), Denise Kestner (ClearPath HR) and Kaifeng Jiang (Fisher College of Business) for a discussion on strategies and methods for leading a smooth transition for your team. 

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    Setting Work-Life Boundaries

    In a remote work world, how can you design and maintain boundaries between your work and personal life? On May 5, 2020, we hosted Dr. Steffanie Wilk for a discussion on setting boundaries. 

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    C-Suite Insights: Leading Healthcare Systems

    "C-Suite Insights" webinar sessions connect our audience with industry executives for a conversation on specific leadership topics, experiences, or current events.  

    On May 12, 2020, our team hosted Dr. Steve Allen, Executive Emeritus at Nationwide Children's Hospital for an insightful conversation on leadership. 

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    Socially Responsible Leadership: Volunteering During COVID-19

    Leaders who are socially responsible use their abilities and resources to benefit society. How can you be a leader in your community through the COVID-19 pandemic?

    On May 19, we hosted Matthew Goldstein and Laura Plato for a discussion on social responsibility and how you can be a leader in the community without leaving your home. 

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    Leading with Laughter: Reducing Stress with Humor

    How much have you laughed in the past day? Week? Studies show that humor generates positive effects for teams and organizations.

    On May 26, we hosted Ida Abdalkhani and Cecily Cooper for a discussion on the effects of humor in the workplace and strategies for leading with laughter.

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    Leading in Unprecedented Times with President Michael V. Drake

    How do you successfully navigate and lead your team through unprecedented times? On May 28, we hosted Michael V. Drake, president of The Ohio State University, for a conversation on leadership amid crisis. President Drake provided insight into his role as the leader of Ohio’s flagship university and the unique challenges he has faced in leading the university community through the COVID-19 crisis.

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    Embracing Change in Organizations

    Leaders must be able to recognize and embrace change in order to effectively guide their organization forward.

    On June 2, we hosted Bethany Klynn (Insight Leadership Consulting) and Margie Harris (Tellurian Inc.) for a conversation on exercising influence and navigating changing environments as a leader.

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    Pivoting Your Team

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, global markets and production are one of the primary areas of impact and transformation. Healthcare manufacturing has become urgent and has made PPE (personal protective equipment) one of the most cited acronyms in recent history. 

    On June 9, 2020, BrewDog USA, Watershed Distillery and Middle West Spirits shared personal insights on pivoting their teams and products to contribute to current healthcare needs. The strategies discussed can be applied to teams in any setting.

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    Using Culture Surveys to Build Organizations

    If designed and implemented correctly, culture surveys can be effective in helping organizations implement beneficial and purposeful changes. But what are the key components of culture surveys and how do you deploy them?

    On June 16, we hosted Michelle Brown (BSBA ’96, MBA ’01), former COO of CoverMyMeds who now leads the company’s leadership initiatives, and Meng Li, a leadership development consultant and research scientist at Ohio State for a discussion on designing and delivering culture surveys in organizations, best practices to read the pulse of an organization and how to implement changes derived from survey results.

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    Workplace Morale and the Impact of Burnout

    As we have adapted to physical and social distancing, the role of technology has helped us stay connected and productive. But what does burnout and fatigue look like in this new remote work environment? How do we guard against it? How can we decompress and recharge?

    On June 23, 2020, we discussed strategies to identify and overcome burnout in our professional and personal lives.

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    Managing Workplace Commitments

    As we collaborate across our teams and grow our networks, it becomes challenging to prioritize the goals and tasks that should rise to the top.

    On June 30, we discussed best practices to manage workplace commitments with Howard Klein, professor of management and human resources at Fisher. 

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  • Humanity in Leadership series

    Perspectives from Business Trailblazers

    The current focus on racial justice, inclusion and equity in the U.S. continues to drive meaningful dialogue among individuals and across industries and lines of business.

    On August 12, we hosted business trailblazers Ken Coleman and Jesse Tyson as they shared their personal experiences and offered their perspectives on how the corporate community can evolve to become more just and equitable for underrepresented populations.

    Racism as a Public Health Crisis

    Fallout from COVID-19, along with recent social unrest stemming from the tragic deaths of several Black members of underserved communities in America, has prompted local governments across the U.S. to formally recognize racism as a public health crisis. Tackling racism, however, requires definitive action.

    On August 26, public health experts Dr. Angela Alston, DNP, chief diversity and inclusion officer and assistant professor of practice at The Ohio State University’s College of Nursing, and William J. Hicks II, MD, co-director of OhioHealth’s Riverside Methodist Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center explored ways in which businesses can be leaders and major players in dismantling formal structures, informal policies and implicit biases in our nation's marketplace to improve the health of people of color.

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    Conversations About Race

    The current focus on racial justice, inclusion and equity in the U.S. continues to drive meaningful dialogue among individuals and across industries and lines of business.

    Do you find yourself wanting to have conversations about race, but feel uncertain on how to go about doing so?

    While there’s no perfect way to have a conversation about race, diversity and inclusion experts Dr. Melissa Crum, founder of the Mosaic Education Network and Dr. Todd Suddeth, executive director of the Multicultural Center at The Ohio State University, provide some best practices to help you better engage in conversations about race.

    Watch the recorded session here

    Racial Battle Fatigue

    The current focus on racial justice, inclusion and equity in the U.S. continues to drive meaningful dialogue among individuals and across industries and lines of business. But what is racial battle fatigue? What are its effects? And what can we do to cope with racial battle fatigue when we or others experience it?

    We discussed these questions and more with Fisher College of Business Professors Tracy Dumas and Terry Esper and College of Education and Human Ecology Professor Stephen Quaye. 

    Watch the recorded session here

  • Leadership Research Forum series

    The Fisher Leadership Initiative Research Grant and Research Forum is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students at The Ohio State University to generate new knowledge within the study of leadership and share practical, evidence-based solutions to leadership problems. The program provides ground for cross-disciplinary collaborations and discussions around leadership research– aiming to uncover leadership challenges and test practical solutions that benefit leaders and managers across all industries.

    Effective Leadership in Organizations

    On September 3, a panel of researchers discussed effective leadership from different perspectives, such as the fit between leadership competency and corporate performance goals, how to identify leadership potential, leader commitments, and organization climate.

    Leadership and Social Change

    This webinar featured four studies that help us understand how carefully designed leadership programs and interventions can help select and train leaders for positive social outcomes in different fields.

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    Special Topics in Leadership

    This webinar featured four studies that help us understand how carefully designed leadership programs and interventions can help select and train leaders for positive social outcomes in different fields.

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  • October – December 2020

    parenting webinar

    With the spread of COVID-19 persisting into the fall, the challenges of working remotely have only become more complex. Many schools across the country have adopted either a partially or fully-online curriculum, adding additional pressure to our employees and colleagues with children at home.   

    As we continue to battle COVID-19 through the end of 2020, how can we best manage boundaries and balance our various work-life commitments? How can you, as a leader, support your team members?

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    Watch the recorded session here

    agile organizations

    The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of agility and adaptability in organizations. How can leaders empower agility, build collaboration and generate innovation throughout their organization? 

    Join us on Tuesday, November 17th at 2 P.M. EST as we discuss the benefits of adopting agile practices in teams and organizations. This webinar will provide professionals with an understanding of the core differences between traditional and agile organizations and strategies for transforming their teams.

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    Watch the recorded session here

    feedback webinar

    Providing frequent and effective feedback can lead to increased productivity and team harmony. However, it can be intimidating for professionals to know the best way to start in this practice.  

    On December 15, 2020 we hosted a conversation on the benefits and best methods for giving and receiving feedback. This webinar provides professionals with an opportunity to learn more about this beneficial, yet underutilized, development tool through application exercises and direct facilitation from professionals who have mastered this skill. 

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  • January - April 2021

    sustaining innovation webinarCOVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way that business will operate over the next 5-10 years. What may have made an organization successful before many no longer be possible during and after the pandemic. For many organizations to survive, establishing and sustaining an innovative culture is critical.  

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    gratitude in the workplace webinar According to a Gallup study, the top reason people leave jobs is that they do not feel appreciated by their colleagues or their organization. A lack of gratitude in the workplace is a critical factor driving employee burnout, job satisfaction and turnover.

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    servant leadership webinar

    How can you empower team members and maximize their performance? Servant leadership is a leadership style that puts the needs of the employees first and help people develop and perform as highly as possible. Those who adopt this revolutionary style receive great benefits, including more engaged and purpose-driven employees, increased organizational retention and lowers turnover costs. 

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     The Ohio State University President Johnson posing in Ohio Union.

    Kristina M. Johnson, PhD, became the president of The Ohio State University during one of the most tumultuous periods in United States history. 

    In this conversation, President Johnson shared her philosophy of leadership, how it has guided her response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it has informed the goals she has set for the university moving forward. 

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