April 15, 2014

Ambassador to U.S. shares diplomatic, global insights

Ambassador Claudia Fritsche

While small in land mass and population, Liechtenstein remains a significant player in the global financial landscape, Claudia Fritsche -- the country’s ambassador to the United States -- recently told a group of students at Fisher.

Fritsche was on campus to share her international business insights with undergraduates, including FisherDirect students. She spoke of the unique challenges -- and advantages -- of a country roughly the size of the District of Columbia.

“We are a financial center and, per capita, one of the most highly industrialized countries,” she said. “We offer about as many jobs in Liechtenstein as we have inhabitants.”

Ensuring economic growth as well as a healthy balance between citizens and non-citizens remains a pressing -- if controversial -- priority for the leadership in Liechtenstein’s constitutional monarchy, and underscores larger issues surrounding the global workforce, Fritsche said.

“Do we want growth and to bear the consequences, then in 20 years from now start looking like a city-state, or are we ready to accept this is our nation and preserve our local environment?” she asked.

Matt Albright, a major in logistics and operations management at Fisher, enjoyed the chance to interact with someone whose insights included both business and diplomacy.

“I thought that it was an incredibly valuable opportunity to hear from a person with as much diplomatic experience as Ms. Fritsche,” Albright said. “She offered a unique prospective on many issues especially when talking about the European Free Trade Association, the European Economic Area and Liechtenstein’s immigration policies.”