Terry Esper hosting a TEDxOhio State event.

Fisher’s commitment to connecting research and thought leadership with business practitioners has sparked the creation of the college’s first-ever research report.

The publication highlights Fisher’s research prowess across a number of key rankings while also providing snapshots of actionable research that is applicable across multiple industries.

“At Fisher, research lies at the very heart of our mission,” said Anil K. Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business. “We firmly believe that groundbreaking research not only expands our understanding of various disciplines but also has the power to transform industries and shape the future of business.”

“The report showcases our unwavering dedication to pioneering research endeavors that push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to thought leadership in the business world.”


The research report represents the college’s latest effort to highlight the world-class thought leadership at Fisher and its potential impact within the practitioner community. In 2018, Fisher launched Forefront, a digital hub for research and thought leadership happening at the college. Since its inception, Forefront has grown to include more than 500 research-based pieces and media mentions.

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“We are dedicated to cultivating an environment in which intellectual discourse and fruitful partnerships among researchers, industry leaders and practitioners is encouraged,” Makhija said. “By harnessing the collective potential of the best and brightest minds, we believe that powerful collaboration can spark innovative solutions to complex problems.”