October 24, 2011

Fisher Alumni Awards ceremony to be held on Oct. 28

Game of Life inventor and Fisher alum Reuben KlamerThe acclaimed inventor of the Game of Life, Reuben Klamer, Michael S. Heschel, retired executive vice president for the Kroger Co., Tyrone Scott, vice president for small business customer retention at Citibank, James Milby, global operations officers for Barclays plc, London; and Chris Yamaski, financial advisor, Shell Specialties U.S. are the five individuals being honored at the 2011 Dean’s Dinner and Alumni Awards on Friday, Oct. 28  in the Overmyer Ballroom at the Blackwell.

Since 1993, the Alumni Society of Fisher College of Business has recognized outstanding alumni, who have brought distinction to themselves and the college through their outstanding achievements as well as generously contributed time and resources to Fisher. Awards are given in five categories, young professional, international, community service, entrepreneurship and distinguished alumnus.

Distinguished Alumni Award
Michael S. Heschel, retired executive vice president and chief information officer for the Kroger Co., received his MBA from Ohio State in 1965. During his career at Kroger, Heschel led the complete overhaul of Kroger’s information systems and distribution center automation. He also managed the implementation of innovative marketing programs, such as Kroger’s frequent shopper and gasoline reward programs.  Prior to joining Kroger, Heschel was chairman and CEO of Security Pacific Automation Co., a subsidiary of Security Pacific National Bank.  He also served in high-level executive positions at Baxter International, Inc., Boeing,  American Hospital Supply Corp. and FMC Corp. In addition to his MBA, Heschel also received his bachelors and masters in engineering from Ohio State. Currently, he is an adviser to technology start-up companies such as Markekt6, a retail supply chain firm; Altierre, a retail electronic ad firm; and GSL Solutions, a pharmacy electronic dispensing of prescriptions firm.

Entrepreneurship Award
An acclaimed game inventor, Reuben Klamer is credited with creating more than 200 toys and games. However, he is best known as the inventor of the Game of Life.  The original game is now a part of the permanent collection of Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Klamer received his bachelor’s degree in marketing at Ohio State’s business college. After his military service in World War II, he started his own advertising agency. He later worked at the Ideal Toy Co. and pioneered the use of unbreakable polyethylene for plastic toys. Klamer was inducted into the Toy Industry Association's Hall of Fame in 2005. He was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Toy and Game Inventor Expo, the toy industry association of creative artists in 2009. He was inducted into the Hasbro Inventor's Hall of Fame in 2000 and was named a Citizen of Honor in the state of Ohio.

Community Service Award
Tyrone Scott, who earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Fisher,  is vice president for Small Business Customer Retention at Citibank in New York City.  He is responsible for retention efforts of Small Business customers and improvement of top-down and bottom-up Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Prior to his current role, Scott worked for MasterCard Worldwide as a business leader in the U.S. Commerce Development division and he worked at OPEN from American Express, the company’s small business division. 

Scott is an active member of the Metro New York Black MBA Association where he holds many roles on multiple committees including, corporate relations, marketing, scholarship gala committee and the C.A.S.H. program (College Awareness Symbolizes Hope). Scott began as a program mentor to young high school students, but for the last three years he has served on the chapter’s Board of Directors.  Now in his 11th year as a C.A.S.H. volunteer, Scott  has had an impact on the lives of hundreds of minority high school students. 

International Award
James Milby is global operations officer for Barclays plc London. After receiving his degree in finance at Ohio State in 1972, Milby served in the United States Army.  He began his corporate career at Procter & Gamble in brand management for products such as Jif peanut butter, Cheer and Oxodol laundry detergents.

Milby’s first offshore post was for RJR Nabisco-Asia as marketing director for Hong Kong, Macau and China. He left the consumer product industry for global finance, joining Citibank where he served as both the consumer marketing and credit card director for the Asia region. He introduced ATMs and phone banking services to Indonesia and Thailand. He also introduced small ticket personal loans in India and Pakistan as well as the first internationally accepted debit/ATM product in Japan.

Citi transferred Milby to its Latin American businesses where he was the card and marketing director for  Mexico and Puerto Rico in the north to Chile in the south. During this time, Jim acted as the region’s card and marketing director. He led the migration of Citi’s international credit card businesses onto a single operating platform, a project that covered 42 countries. He later became Citi’s international operations and technology head and, ultimately, international cards COO. He joined Barclays in 2006.

Young Professional Award
Chris Yamasaki is a finance advisor for Shell Specialties US, a new Shell organization based out of Houston, charged with developing the commercial production and distribution of refinery products for the Americas.  He is responsible for finance activities and development strategies for $300 million in new capital projects.

Yamasaki is active in Houston’s Buckeye Alumni Club and assists in the recruitment of area high school students. From 2005-07, he was Shell’s team manager for recruiting from Fisher College of Business.  In May of 2011, Chris completed his MBA studies at Rice University, where he also served as an admissions counselor.  Chris is an active member of the Young Leaders of United Way, an organization for individuals under 45 who donate resources and time to non-profit organization in the Houston Community.