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2016’s cities where people are most overleveraged on their homes
April 26, 2016

For most consumers, buying a home represents personal financial growth. Many also pursue homeownership as a path to building wealth. But it’s not always the best life decision or the soundest business strategy, especially if based solely on a recent uptick in income. Not only are property values at the mercy of the national economy and local housing markets, but our financial circumstances can also take an unexpectedly downward turn at any moment. Read the story

Alumnus, CEO Roger Rawlins shares his insights with Fisher students
April 25, 2016

Sharing the same insights with Fisher students as he did with Wall Street investors just a week prior, Roger Rawlins returned to his alma mater to provide students with a look at the past, present and a vision for the future of his company, DSW Inc. Read the story

How to apologize, according to science
April 19, 2016

There are six components to an apology – and the more of them you include when you say you’re sorry, the more effective your apology will be, according to new research.

But if you’re pressed for time or space, there are two elements that are the most critical to having your apology accepted. Read the story

Scholars say there’s more to an apology than ‘I’m sorry’
ABC Radio
April 18, 2016

Simply saying “I’m sorry” isn’t good enough, according to a new study from Ohio State University.  Researchers found that a truly effective apology, one that might help a bad situation, requires up to six key components. And some components are worth more than others when trying to return to good graces. Read the story

Professor Lount named among Poets & Quants' Best 40-Under-40
April 15, 2016

Whether enthusiastically educating graduate students in the art of negotiation, researching myriad of leading-edge topics, or lending his expertise to NASA, Robert Lount has been busy.

Lount, an associate professor of Management and Human Resources, was recently named to Poets & Quants’ Best 40 Under 40 Professors list for 2016recognition of his enthusiasm, curiosity and dedication to business education at Fisher. Read the story

MBA students recognized as the best at Big Ten+ Case Competition
April 15, 2016

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to serve as consultants for a company recognized as a leader in women’s fashion, a team of MBA students from Fisher recently put together a presentation that impressed company representatives and earned the team a victory at Fisher’s Big Ten+ Case Competition. Read the story

The Keys to an Effective Apology
U.S. News & World Report
April 15, 2016

Simply saying "I'm sorry" isn't always enough, researchers report.

For an apology to be effective, they say you need to include some of six components: expression of regret; explanation of what went wrong; acknowledgment of responsibility; declaration of repentance; offer of repair; and request for forgiveness. Read the story

Jeni's CEO shares insights into ethics, leadership at MBA event
April 14, 2016

Full-time MBA students exploring the importance of ethics in the face of crisis recently received an inside look at the topic as part of Fisher's Ethics in Leadership Capstone event. John Lowe, CEO of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, delivered the event’s keynote and shared insights into the significance of ethics in business. Read the story

Six components of the perfect apology
April 14, 2016

If you want to have the best chance for your apology to ring true and to actually start to make amends, you should incorporate all six elements into your apology, says the study's lead author, Roy Lewicki, Abramowitz, professor of management and human resources at Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business. Read the story

The 6 essential elements of an effective apology
The Huffington Post
April 14, 2016

Based on his most recent statement of contrition, House Speaker Paul Ryan might be the best apology-maker in the public eye, according to the author of a new study on the art of effective apologies.

Roy Lewicki, professor emeritus of management and human resources at the Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, points to the Republican congressman for an example of a well pulled-off mea culpa. Read the story

Sorry? 6 steps for a successful apology
CBS News
April 14, 2016

If you've ever said or done something you regret (and who hasn't?) it may help to know the best way to say you're sorry. Scientists who've studied the issue say there are six elements that go into an effective apology, and some are more important than others.

Two of the six steps are key to having your apology accepted, according to a new study led by Roy Lewicki, professor emeritus of management and human resources at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business. Read the story

6 things you need to say to make the perfect apology
Teen Vogue
April 14, 2016

Like Justin Bieber, many of us try but don’t do too well with apologies. But we can’t all write a hit song that says we’re sorry when one of our attempted apologies doesn’t quite make things better, so what are we to do?

Science might have some answers on how to make those apologies count. Researchers at the Ohio State University found there are two components that must be included in an apology for someone to feel like it's sincere, and six components overall that really drive your “sorry” home. Read the story

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