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Inaugural 2022 Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy cohort graduates

Move from having a seat to a VOICE at the business strategy table.

In today's business landscape, organizational decisions must account for disruptions in the external market environment, which affects information technology (IT) strategy, assets and resource priorities. As a result, the role of CIOs is changing. Participants in the online Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy will learn how to anticipate, assess and prioritize how a company responds to market forces through the lens of business strategy, ultimately earning a voice at the strategy table.

As technology has rapidly evolved, IT is no longer seen as a support unit, but is the engine that drives most companies’ strategy. In this new role as critical players, IT leaders must be recognized to have a solid foundation in finance, operations, strategy, and communications in addition to data analytics, leadership and management so as to have not only a seat at the executive leaders’ table, but a voice!

John M. DeaneManaging Director, Clipper Advisory Group
35+ years experience in executive management and applied information services leadership

Why this program?

  • Value to IT Professionals

    By participating in this graduate certificate program, you will walk away with newfound skills that will prepare you for career advancement and set you up for success in an ever-changing business landscape. Upon completion of the program, participants will walk away with:

    • Increased confidence to lead teams and organizations by harnessing technology and IT systems to fulfill business imperatives
    • The knowledge needed to anticipate, assess and prioritize how your organization responds to ever-changing market forces
    • Expertise on how to solve problems and make informed decisions using your knowledge of finance, data-driven decision-making and strategy
    • Development of leadership skills and knowledge of your personal leadership style
    • New connections within the IT industry through fellow cohort members
    • Transferrable credit to the Working Professionals MBA Program at Fisher College of Business
  • Organizational Value

    During this program, you will learn new information, network with other IT professionals, and generate new ideas and solutions that will provide immediate value to your company. Here are several ways that participating in this program will be valuable to the company you work for:

    • Development of IT professionals to be able to translate business strategy into IT strategy and drive strategic initiatives throughout the organization
    • Broaden succession planning within the potential C-suite talent pool by developing high-potential leaders with business acumen and leadership, while leveraging their technical and functional IT skills
    • Equip IT professionals with the tools and competencies to provide data-driven insights and future-proof technology investments to shape short and long-term business strategy
    • This program serves as an excellent professional development opportunity for aspiring IT professionals seeking to move up the career ladder into IT leadership positions
    • Projects completed in the program will be focused on solving real-world problems within the participant’s organization and will provide immediate value to the sponsoring company

Program details

Program Components

  • Open/Close Leadership Development

    The Leadership Development portion of the program utilizes the BUILD Leadership Assessment and Personal Development program that includes a pre-assessment, a personal development plan, support resources, individual coaching, and a post-assessment.

    Created in 2017 by researchers at Max M. Fisher College of Business, the BUILD Leadership Model utilizes decades of research and behaviors that have been proven to increase leadership effectiveness.  

    The BUILD Leadership Model measures 18 core leadership competencies to lead oneself, to lead groups and teams, and to lead organizations and communities. The BUILD Leadership Assessment is a behaviorally-based instrument designed to help leaders understand opportunities to improve their leadership skills through individual and observer ratings. Upon completion, each student will receive an individualized report that includes a breakdown of their results for each of the BUILD competencies along with recommendations to improve their leadership performance and effectiveness. 

    Students will complete a BUILD Leadership Assessment at both the beginning and the end of the program to measure behavioral changes across the 18 competencies within BUILD. Over the course of this program, participants will engage in a robust debrief experience to interpret their results; receive 1:1 coaching to set a goal for their leadership development and to support their individual growth; and receive additional training on core leadership competencies throughout the curriculum. 

  • Open/Close Core Curriculum

    The Core Curriculum for this program consists of thirteen and a half (13.5) credit hours, across eight (8) courses.

    Courses include:

    • Data Analysis for Managers
    • Developing High Performance Teams
    • Strategy Formulation and Implementation
    • Technology and Innovation Strategy
    • IT Discipline Fundamentals
    • Professional Development
    • Accounting for Decision-Making
    • Finance
  • Open/Close Capstone Project

    A capstone project for each candidate that is identified and qualified as part of the admissions process, with approval and support from that candidate’s sponsor. Work on the capstone project commences at the start of the program and continues through to the program’s conclusion, with a coach provided by The Ohio State University. Each candidate will make an oral presentation and defense of the project in front of the sponsor and faculty from Ohio State. This presentation addresses three key dimensions: 1) the strategy question, 2) the implied/required organizational changes, and 3) the resulting implied/required process changes.

    The inclusion of a capstone project represents a key element of the program. First, it allows students to apply what they are learning, with support from a coach, as they progress through the program. (Note: The project work runs on a parallel path to the core curriculum, and projects will not be shared or discussed directly in class sessions. This maintains full confidentiality across all aspects of the projects.) Secondly, the outcome from each of these projects contributes real value to the sponsoring company, increasing the ROI that they receive from the program. 

Program Dates

2024 cohort: August 20, 2024 - June 13, 2025

Check back soon to apply for the 2024 cohort!

Delivery Method

This program is an online offering that will utilize a combination of synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Synchronous classes will take place two weeknight evenings per week.

Information Sessions

November 29, 2023 | Noon - 12:30 p.m. | Register

During these sessions, you will learn more about the program curriculum, components and application process from the Executive Education team. If you have questions before or after attending an information session, connect one-on-one with a member of our Executive Education team.


In-state tuition: $19,564 | Out-of-state tuition: $20,264

The program tuition includes all components of the program listed above, along with course materials/readings/books. Tuition is subject to change in the event of an increase in The Ohio State University general fee. Tuition reimbursement benefits can be used to help cover the cost of this program. Ohio State University employees and dependents can learn more here.

Prospective Student Profile

This program is best suited for IT professionals who are aiming to accelerate their careers and contribute as IT leaders. Candidates should have 5+ years of relevant business experience in information technology-related jobs, with increasing levels of experience, including management and project oversight responsibility. Candidates should also possess demonstrable skills and experience in implementing strategies and deployments within their discipline.

Application Deadlines

The admissions committee reviews completed applications based on application rounds. We will review and release decisions based on the timeline for each round. Below are the deadlines to plan for as you gather your application materials. If you are eligible for the Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy and are selected to move forward in the application process, you will need to complete a personal interview with the program's Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will also interview your project sponsor. 

Autumn 2024 Deadline Date Decision Date
Round 1 TBD TBD
Round 2 TBD TBD
Round 3 TBD TBD

Please note that admission into a graduate level program at The Ohio State University requires the following of applicants:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited higher education institution before the program begins

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the last degree earned

Additional Resources

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  • Program Advisor

    John Hrusovsky headshotJohn Hrusovsky is Founder and President of JJH Consulting which provides leadership, assurance, optimization and readiness services for Workday and ERP Systems projects. The firm, founded in 2006, has worked with clients including the University of British Columbia, Huntington Library, Arizona State University, Syracuse University, Clemson University, University of Southern California, Cleveland Metro School District, University of Rochester, Carnegie Mellon University, Washington State University and The Ohio State University.

    His goal is to live and breathe the core values of Commitment, Integrity, Collaboration and Results.

    He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Accounting from The Ohio State University. Before becoming the Program Advisor, John was part of the inaugural Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy cohort and became a certified IT business strategist in the summer of 2023.

  • Faculty

    The faculty listed below are teaching classes in the Autumn 2023 cohort. This is subject to change from cohort to cohort.

    Bruce Barnes

    Nathan Craig

    Lori Kendall

    Anna Goussevskaia

    John Schaffner

    Tod Schneider


Jennie McAndrew
Education Program Senior Specialist