Anna Goussevskaia

Senior Lecturer

Management & Human Resources


Anna Goussevskaia holds a PhD in Industrial and Business Studies from the University of Warwick, UK. She also has a background in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Dr. Goussevskaia focuses her research on understanding how established and entrepreneurial firms create and adopt technological and organizational innovations. She has been especially interested in innovation process in the context of technological platforms and interfirm networks. Her research, teaching and consulting activities have spanned different countries, working in the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States, and covered a variety of industries, such as biotechnology, IT, telecommunications, services, and construction.


  • BUSMHR 7714 - Strategy and Competitive Analysis for Health Sciences

    Course focuses on creation of long term value for organizations in the health sciences industry and provides practical tools for strategic analysis of industries and individual practices for competitive strategies. Prereq: 7264 or 7703, BusMgt 7256 or 7701, and BusFin 7400 or 7702; and enrollment in the Graduate Business Minor in Health Sciences.

  • BUSADM 3532 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Corporate Entrepreneurship

    Develop skills and understanding of theories and their application to develop new ideas and viable new businesses within an established firm. Address the development of an internal culture of innovation, processes for reviewing ideas and developing concepts, strategic analysis, positioning for competitive advantage, forms of corporate ventures, and the qualities of corporate entrepreneurs. Prereq: 3510, and Design 2700 and MechEng or ISE 5682.

  • MBA 6293 - Strategy Formulation & Implementation

    Focus on the determination of the strategic direction of the firm and the management of the strategic process. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA or WPMBA program, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 980 or 6290 or 6291.

  • BUSMHR 3510 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Examines the many dimensions of new business creation and the fostering of innovation. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 490, 490.01, 3510.01 or 3510.02.