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Marketing Consulting Projects is an experiential learning capstone marketing course and consulting project. Senior-level marketing students work with a consulting coach on a real-world marketing project for a client organization throughout an entire semester. Student teams meet weekly with their consulting coach who guides them through the project. The result is a hands-on learning experience and a fully developed marketing plan deliverable for the client.

The Shared Benefit

This type of experiential learning provides tangible benefits for both the students and the client partners. Students get to “learn by doing” as they work through a current relevant situation for an actual company. The client organizations receive thorough and detailed marketing plan recommendations from multiple teams, all supported by customer research.

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Past Client Organizations

Students have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of organizations across many different industries. Projects have included: new product launch support, new campaign or brand positioning, plan for reaching new customer target, grassroot social media plans to increase consumer engagement, expanding into new markets, etc.

Past project clients have included:

A&F logo       Abbott Nutrition logo      ADA logo      Harley Davidson logo      Mikeys Late Night Slice logo

Milwaukee logo      Nationwide logo        Ohio Farm Bureau logo       Olivina Taproom       Proteam Solutions Inc logo      Roosevelt Coffee logo

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It was great to connect with the Ohio State students and have them apply marketing concepts to our real-world challenge. I enjoyed hearing the feedback they captured from qualitative research and how they applied it to their marketing strategy and tactic development. I also loved the diversity of ideas and fresh perspectives the students offered to launch our new product in market. 

I encourage today’s marketing leaders to invest time to connect with the next generation of marketing talent. You will not regret it. 

Jennifer DurishinNationwide


Students seemed anxious to dive in, asked probing and insightful questions, did their research and presented findings in an impressive way. Well done all around. Would recommend highly!

Bob AlthoffA.D. Farrow Company Harley Davidson


This class provides real life insight on marketing obstacles to students, but more importantly it  pushes students to help identify solutions. It was very interesting to see from the perspective of the class how our specific marketing objectives could be accomplished and the unique ideas they came up with.  

Suzy SituThe Columbus Dispatch


We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with the Ohio State marketing students on a project for our business. As we endeavored into launching our coffee roasting company publicly we were coveting fresh ideas. The detail and dedication of this class were beyond measure. We were able to witness students take ownership of our vision and company and offer up ideas we were able to incorporate. The enthusiasm of the students along the way was a great motivator for our team to be even better at what we had set out to do as a company. This class was just the boost of energy we needed to go into the new year. A truly, invaluable experience. 

Kenny SipesRoosevelt Coffee Roasters


Running a new small business leaves little time to engage in the type of analysis that these teams conducted during the semester. The effort and the work presented at the end was well-researched and full of creativity. We garnered practical ideas from each and every group. Selecting between the two finalists was as difficult a decision as I’ve ever had in business. The deliverables are being reviewed across the entire Rush Bowl system and we are already implementing many of them at our location. 

Roger FaulkenberryRush Bowls


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