The Runners-up of The Rosenfield Family Prize are listed below.

Quarter Runner Up Report
Summer 2018 Eric Wu Eli Lilly & Co.
Fall 2017 Nicolas Smith Snap-On
Summer 2017 Jordan Buchanon Walmart
Spring 2017 Mark Venzor McKesson
Fall 2016 Andrew Jasen Gilead
Summer 2016 Eric Rittenour Crown Holdings
Spring 2016 Francisco Kollmann National Oilwell Varco
Fall 2015 Brandon Harlow Chevron Corporation
Summer 2015 Luke MacAdam AES Corporation
Spring 2015 Luxi Nie Gilead Sciences Inc.
Fall 2014 Hao Lu Gilead Sciences Inc.
Summer 2014 Mike Rantilla KeyCorp.
Spring 2014 Haoyu Mi Quanta Services
Fall 2013 Nick LiBassi Gilead Sciences Inc.
Summer 2013 Wade Guzdanski Caterpillar
Spring 2013 Jon Koval The Mosaic Company
Fall 2012 Juliette Buob CVS Caremark
Summer 2012 Gary Foust Google
Spring 2012 Julie Hegel Nabors Industries Ltd
Winter 2012 Geno Frissora PP L Corporation
Autumn 2011 Shazia Sultana Lincoln National Corp
Summer 2011 Logan Smyth United Technologies
Spring 2011 Kevin Bush Alcoa
Winter 2011 Todd D. Yaross Johnson & Johnson
Autumn 2010 Brent Soller Johnson & Johnson
Summer 2010 Brian Miller Medtronic Inc
Spring 2010 Lourdes R. Dudaney PepsiCo, Inc.
Winter 2010 Charles Hathaway IV Noble Corporation
Autumn 2009 Melissa Hickey Oshkosh
Summer 2009 Shane Connor PepsiCo
Spring 2009 Theo Constantinou Alcoa
Winter 2009 Luke A. DiTomas British Petroleum
Autumn 2008 Robert Lazarony Wellpoint
Summer 2008 Alex Rinaldi Qwest
Spring 2008 Nate Palmer Berkshire Hathaway
Winter 2008 Stephen Soung Rockwell Automation
Autumn 2007 Ken Melick Oshkosh
Summer 2007 Adam Robertson Abercrombie & Fitch
Spring 2007 Joe Burch Constellation Brands
Winter 2007 Andrew Givens Deltic Timber Corp
Autumn 2006 Lee Wallingford Pfizer
Summer 2006 Steven Kennedy Omnicare Inc.
Spring 2006 Lane Flood Exxon Mobil
Winter 2006 Ping-Lang Chu General Electric
Autumn 2005 Sara J. Smith Alltel
Summer 2005 Josh Siler Harley Davidson
Spring 2005 Lie Rudy Priyetna Hewlett Packard
Winter 2005 Antonio Ferraro International Paper
Autumn 2004 Derek Smith Capital One
Summer 2004 Jacob Clark Microsoft
Spring 2004 (tie) Chris Pribisko Cardinal Health
Spring 2004 (tie) Chad Combs Harley Davidson
Winter 2004 Adam E. Kirk Qwest
Autumn 2003 Matt Titus Life Point Hospitals

 If you wish to receive a copy of any of the reports above, please e-mail the SIM GA at and state the company name, quarter and year.