Business Minor Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked questions by students completing or considering the General Business Minor. If you have a question that is not answered here, please refer to the contact information on the General Business Minor home page.

  • Open/Close Course Requirements
    What are the required courses for the Business Minor?
    • ACCTMIS 2000 Foundations of Accounting and MIS
    • BUSFIN 3120 Foundations of Finance
    • BUSMHR 3100 Foundations of Management and Human Resources
    • BUSMGT 3130 Foundations of Operations Management
    • BUSML 3150 Foundations of Marketing
    All five courses must be completed to satisfy minor requirements. Variations in the program are generally not permitted. Any variations must be requested in writing and approved by the Executive Director of the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office.
    Do I have to take the minor courses in any order?
    No, once the prerequisites are met, courses may be taken in an order. With one important exception. ACCTMIS 2000 is a prerequisite for BUSFIN 3120 and must be taken in that order.
    I have met the prerequisites but am getting a message when I register that I cannot schedule this class. Why not?
    There are more allowable prerequisite courses than the student database can accommodate. If you have taken an acceptable prerequisite course that is not in the system it will give you an error message. Contact an academic advisor in the Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Office at 292-2715 to request permission to add the class.
  • Open/Close General Questions
    Is there a difference between the Business Minor and the Capital Program?
    Yes, the Capital Program is administered through Arts and Sciences. The Capital Program is not recognized as a minor.
    There is an admission process and eligibility standards that must be met. The program offers 5 tracks: CIS, International Business, HR, Marketing, or Real Estate. The business minor is administered by the Fisher College of Business and provides a basic foundation in accounting, finance, operations, human resources and marketing. See this website for more information.
    Can I earn a Business Minor and complete the Capital Program?
    No. Students cannot participate in both programs.
    I am interested in the Capital Program. Whom should I contact?
    Contact, Shelia Francis in ASC in Denney Hall.
    How do I apply to the Business Minor?
    There is no application process for the business minor. You should inform your college advisor of your intentions to complete the minor.
    Who approves my business minor?
    There is no formal approval process required by the College of Business. As long as you have met the prerequisites and course requirements your college can approve your minor. An approved program form can be provided if your college requires it. You can obtain this from a FCOB undergraduate advisor. Call 292-2715 for an appointment.
    I am majoring/intending to major in business. Can I use minor courses for major requirements?
    No. Minor courses do not count toward a business degree or as prerequisites for further study in business.
    Can I use Business Minor courses in the GEC?
    The prerequisite courses can be counted for GEC requirements.
    Can I use Business Minor courses in my major?
    Generally, no, except where specific minor classes are required in your major as technical electives or supplementary courses, for example CSE, Human Ecology and Aviation. Please contact your college advisor for information.
    Can I use Business Minor courses in another minor?
    Each minor must contain 12 unique hours.
    What grade do I need to earn for a course to count in the minor?
    You must earn a C- or better for a course to be listed on the minor. You must earn a 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio in your minor courses.
    Can I take a minor course pass/non-pass?
    No. Courses taken Pass/Non-Pass cannot count on the Business Minor.
  • Open/Close Prerequisites
    What are the prerequisites for the Business Minor?
    • College Algebra (Math 1130 or 1148 or equivalent or higher)
    • Microeconomics (Econ 2001.01 or AEDE 2001)
    • Basic Computing (CSE 1110 or higher)
    Can I start taking minor courses before I complete the prerequisites?
    No. You must finish the prerequisites before registering for a minor course.
  • Open/Close Substitutions
    Can I substitute a different business course for one of the required minor courses?
    Generally, No. There are, however, some allowable exceptions:
    • ACCTMIS 2200 and 2300 (with C- or better) may substitute for ACCTMIS 2000
    • ENGR 1221 or AEDE 2005 may substitute for CSE prerequisite
    • Up to 6 credit hours of transfer, substitution, or EM credit may be applied to the business minor. For example, BUSFIN 3220 may be substituted for BUSFIN or EM credit for ACCTMIS 2300 may be substituted for ACCTMIS 2000.