Undergraduate Programs


Fisher’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ensures that you develop the skills and get the experience you need to make an immediate impact on your career—no matter what career you want to explore.

You can customized and enhance your course work by choosing from 12 different specializations and over a hundred minors at Ohio State.

At Fisher, you’ll have countless opportunities to step out of the classroom and into the business world. We believe that students should not only study business but also experience it. With an action-based learning approach, you’ll apply what you learn to current business challenges while you’re still in school. You’ll also build your resume.

The Ohio State University’s General Education (Gen Ed) is an integral part of your undergraduate business education. The General Education is designed to provide you with a better understanding of society’s traditions and past, its accomplishments and aspirations, its relation to and responsibility for the natural world, its diversity and plurality, and its problems and needs. The goal of the Gen Ed is aimed at helping you develop skills, competencies, and breadth of knowledge to become educated, productive citizens.

See the full list Fisher approved General Education and AP/IB scores needed to earn credit at OSU.