Undergraduate Programs Degree Requirements

In order to fulfill the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree at Fisher, you will complete courses in the liberal arts (General Education) as well as business foundation and specialization courses. General Education (Gen Ed) courses are an integral part of your undergraduate business education. The goal of the General Education is aimed at helping you develop skills, competencies, and breadth of knowledge to become educated, productive citizens. Your degree provides a strong knowledge base in core functional areas of business and allows you to develop expertise in a specialized area (the major).

Successful completion of a Fisher degree requires a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.0 and a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.0 in the specialization. You will also complete a minimum of 121 credit hours of course work for the degree.

Your course requirements

You will begin your program in the freshman year by completing General Education and business foundation courses. Students typically take core business courses in the junior year and begin specialization (major) courses in the junior or senior year. Specialization requirements vary from 15-27 credit hours depending on your chosen major.

The following benchmark courses provide a guide for how to complete the program in four years. Students may take courses to fulfill General Education requirements at any time.


  • First Year Program Requirements
    • English 1110.01 (First Year English)
    • Math through 1131 or 1151 (Calculus)
    • Economics 2001.01 (Microeconomics)
    • Economics 2002.01 (Macroeconomics)
    • CSE 2111 or 1113 (Computer Assisted Problem Solving)
  • Second Year Program Requirements
    • ACCTMIS 2200 (Accounting I)
    • ACCTMIS 2300 (Accounting II)
    • STAT 1430 (Business Statistics)
    • BUSMHR 2292 (Applied Business Skills & Environment)
    • BUSMGT 2320 (Decision Sciences: Statistical Techniques)
    • BUSMGT 2321 (Business Analytics)
  • Third Year Program Requirements

    Functions of Business

    • BUSFIN 3220 (Finance)
    • BUSMGT 3230 (Operations)
    • BUSML 3250 (Marketing)
    • BUSMHR 3200 (Organizational Behavior) BUSML 3380 (Logistics)


    Environment of Business

    • BUSMHR 2000 (International Business)
    • BUSFIN 3500 (Law) 
  • Fourth Year Program Requirements
    • Specialization requirements (15-27 hours)
    • BUSMHR 4490 (Strategic Management)
    • Any remaining required courses, including General Education courses and free electives