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Business Minor Curriculum Requirements

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A student who completes the General Business Minor only needs to file their college's Minor Program Form with their college office. No approval from Fisher College of Business is required.

Before taking the minor courses, the following pre-requisite courses are required:

  • College algebra (Math 1130/1148 or equivalent or higher OR Math Placement Level M or higher)
  • Microeconomics (Econ 2001.01 or equivalent)
  • Basic computing (CS&E 1110 or higher)

In addition, the accounting course (ACCTMIS 2000) is prerequisite for the finance course (BUSFIN 3120).


The following 5 required courses must be completed to satisfy minor requirements. Any variations are generally not approved and must be approved by the Executive Director of Fisher's Undergraduate Programs Office.

Required Business Minor Courses

  • Open/Close Accounting: AMIS 2000

    AMIS 2000 - Foundations of Accounting and MIS - 3 credit hours

    A survey of accounting for non-business students; financial statements and analysis; accounting for assets, liabilities and owners equity; and elements of managerial accounting.
    *Pre-requisite course to BUSFIN 3120
  • Open/Close Finance: BUSFIN 3120

    BUS-FIN 3120 - Foundations of Finance - 3 credit hours

    Survey of topics in finance for non-business students including: discussion of investment, time value of money, financial markets, financial institutions, risk and return, corporate and international business.
    *Students must have AMIS 2000 completed as a pre-requisiste
  • Open/Close Human Resources: BUSHR 3100

    BUS-MHR 3100 - Foundations of Management & Human Resources - 3 credit hours

    Survey of topics in management and human resources for non-business students. The material includes a discussion of organizational behavior, human resource management and labor markets.
  • Open/Close Operations Management: BUSOBA 3130

    BUS-MGT 3130 - Foundations of Operations Management - 3 credit hours

    A survey of operations management for non-business students including discussion of operations management issues in both manufacturing and service organizations including management and purchasing.
  • Open/Close Marketing: BUSML 3150

    BUS-M&L 3150 - Foundations of Marketing - 3 credit hours

    A survey of marketing for non-business students including discussion of marketing practice tools and concepts and their applications in profit and non-profit organizations.


The minor is not open to students majoring in business or intending to major in business. Minor courses do not count toward a business degree and do not serve as prerequisites for further study in business.

Additional Requirements

  • Courses used on the minor may not be used on the major.
  • No more than 6 hours of transfer credit may be applied to any minor.
  • No grade below a C- will be permitted in courses comprising the minor; the minimum overall CPHR of the minor shall be 2.00.
  • Courses taken on a Pass/Non-Pass basis may not be applied to the minor.

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