PhD Programs
After You've Applied

Application Review Process

Now that you have applied to the Fisher College of Business, your application moves into a review process monitored by both The Ohio State University Graduate School and the College of Business.

Your application will be reviewed by the PhD Coordinator and Faculty Committee for the specific specialty to which you are applying. The following is a list of the PhD specialties within the College of Business and the Academic Departments that will review those respective applications:

Degree Program Academic Unit

700 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Human Resource Management

International Business

Organizational Behavior

Strategy / Entrepreneurship

Management and Human Resources
700 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Operations Management Management Sciences
600 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210



Marketing & Logistics
500 Fisher Hall
Colunbus, OH 43210

PhD in Accounting and MIS:

Degree Program Academic Unit
Accounting and MIS

Accounting & Management
Information Systems
400 Fisher Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

If your application is approved by the Departmental Committee within the College, that decision will be referred to the OSU Graduate School for final approval and official acceptance to the University. (Note: The University will also check to insure it has received all official documents, transcripts and test scores before issuing the formal acceptance letter.)

For International Applicants

There is one additional step for international students, the Financial Review. Financial Review must be completed by the Graduate Admissions Office prior to your official acceptance. Your Financial Affidavit and Bank Statement will be evaluated to ensure adequate funds for you (and your family if applicable) to live here and for you to study at OSU for the academic year. Once approved, your acceptance letter and appropriate I-20 form will be issued.

Notification of Admission Decision

Each Department has its own unique process and timeline for reviewing applicant files. The PhD review process begins in January. Generally, all admission decisions are completed between March 15 and April 30. You should expect to hear of a decision sometime within that time frame.

Decision to Admit: If you are admitted by the PhD Program, you will receive an admission letter from the Academic Department, including details on the kind of funding that will be provided. As mentioned above, you will also receive an official acceptance letter from the The Ohio State University after the Graduate School's approval of your application.

Decision to Deny: If the Program does not offer you admission, you will receive one denial letter from the University Graduate School.