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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding our Executive MBA program. If you have further questions, please contact Kelly Meyers at meyers.447@osu.edu.

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  • What does the curriculum entail?

    Core course develop management skills – the ability to understand the functional aspects of your business, to synthesize a holistic viewpoint, and to think strategically across all areas with an executive’s perspective.


    Elective courses are selected by the cohort and provide an opportunity to focus on the latest subjects relevant to both personal growth and business success.

  • How practical is this coursework? Will I be able to apply what I learn starting from day one?

    Everyone has packed their bags with unique industry and personal experiences as they set off on their own educational journey. Students often remark about the applicability of their recent learnings as they relate to immediate decision making or just understanding the various dimensions of a high level strategic discussion.

  • What happens during the time between classes and how much time should I plan to allocate?

    On average, students should expect to spend between 5-10 hours per week when not attending the on-campus class sessions. The time spent prepares students to be fully engaged during the on-campus class sessions and includes, for example, reading assigned materials, analyzing a case and preparing case write-ups, completing written assignments, working in teams, etc. The workload is designed to accommodate the busy professional seeking a high-quality, impactful educational experience while developing and nurturing his or her leadership potential.

  • What happens if I’m unable to attend class due to an emergency?

    We understand that life can throw us curves. Notification to our Academic Director or program coordinator will ensure all faculty and appropriate parties are informed to help you maintain continuity within the program.

  • Can I attend online or part-time?

    No. The Fisher Executive MBA program is an on-campus, cohort-based program. Students will attend the on-campus sessions and begin together as a cohort.

  • How do I approach my employer about starting a program like this?

    We’d be happy to provide you with a letter of intent that outlines the benefits of getting an EMBA. Please contact Kelly at Meyers.447@osu.edu.

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Program Coordinator, Recruiting and Admissions

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