About Us

Fisher Professional Services (FPS) is an MBA-operated consultancy within Fisher College of Business serving Fortune listed companies, regional businesses, and The Ohio State University.  Our consultants are overseen by and have access to industry experts, renowned faculty, and top-notch academic resources deliver valuable solutions at rates significantly below market.

FPS Goals

FPS seeks to be a highly-competitive consulting firm that teaches leadership and gives valuable experience to members of the Fisher College of Business.  In order to achieve this objective, FPS has created and set forth the following goals:

  • Educate Through Experience

FPS will be committed to gaining the best quality and highest level clients and projects that will educate student consultants through exposure to real world situations and problems.

  • Seek Enriching Opportunities

In order to leverage and utilize the wealth of academic knowledge available at the Fisher College of Business, FPS will focus on projects that enrich and challenge our students by offering complex problems and uncertain situations.

  • Build a Strong Reputation

FPS will make every effort to build a strong reputation in the Fisher College and business community by consistently creating high quality products for clients, by serving client needs to the fullest extent possible, and by striving to leave a lasting impact on client organizations.

  • Build Professionalism

Consultants will learn to act in a professional manner by interacting with clients, high-level executives, and leaders of academia and industry.


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