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The Risk Institute Distracted Driving Initiative is a nationwide collaborative among dozens of companies, organizations and government entities focused on how we can predict and curb distracted driving behaviors.

Our approach looks at changes from four dimensions: 1) Legislative; 2) Behavior; 3) Technology; 4) Urban Planning / Infrastructure Design.


Annual Distracted Driving and Teen Driver Safety Forum 

Each year, The Risk Institute hosts our Distracted Driving and Teen Driver Safety Forum, which brings together teens, local government leaders, corporations, researchers and many others to help put an end to distracted driving, particularly among young drivers.

2019 Event  Teen speaker


Distracted Driving Research

  • Open/Close Young Ohio Driver Study

    This study conducted in 2020 produced several key findings:

    1. Self-reported dangerous behaviors and intentions are predicted by beliefs.

    2. Multiple messages in key channels (i.e. highway signs, Instagram) may be ideal.

    3. Cellphone use while driving (CUWD) should be a key target.

    4. Speeding is also a common problematic behavior.

    DD Young Driver Report Infographic

    View infographic with key findings  


  • Open/Close Building a Better Road: Built Environments & Distracted Driving

    Our study reveals that built environments, such as the length of a roadway segment, number of lanes, the location of the road (being in an urban area) are associated with higher crash frequencies. On the other hand, roundabout was confirmed to be effective in reducing crash severities in general, but with a more significant effect on mitigating the severity of distracted driving related crashes.


    Built Environment

    View infographic with key findings

  • Open/Close What Makes us Drive Distracted?

    Recently, we conducted a survey of Americans (N=386, 49.5% male, 82.6% white) who reported that they drive at least three times per week and own a smart phone. We asked them about distracted driving behaviors, risk perceptions of distracted driving, attitudes towards driving and their cell phones, and their attitudes towards methods of reducing distracted driving behavior.

    Prevalence of distracted driving behaviors

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