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The Risk Institute at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business is a consortium of forward-thinking companies and academics that understand effective risk management strategies not only to protect firms but to position firms to create growth and value. We help members consider risk from all perspectives: legal, operational, strategic, reputational, talent, financial and more.



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Just 15 years ago, the risk management function of most companies lived in the insurance realm. But today every facet of a company, from the C-suite on down, is affected by risk management practices: IT, HR, Communications and Marketing, Finance and Legal just to name a few.

We operate at a unique intersection between our faculty, students, and professionals from a broad cross-section of industries. With our leading-edge approach to risk management, The Risk Institute creates a unique exchange for risk-centered conversations, ideas, and strategies that can't happen anywhere else.


We [Huntington] are energized to be a core partner in the Risk Institute to support the evolution and growth of risk education and readiness, so that ever-changing risk challenges will be met by creative solutions.

Helga HoustonChief Risk Officer, Huntington

We see a lot of value in having the ability to tap into other industry members and learn from their experiences.... We want to be more involved in the risk community.

Jason BakerCEO, S-E-A, Limited


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Interim Executive Director, The Risk Institute 

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