The Risk Institute at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business is a collaboration between forward-thinking companies and scholars from a broad array of academic disciplines.

We know that in today’s competitive marketplace, risk assessment and management cannot be left to chance. The Risk Institute's thought leaders not only understand risk, but also help members apply effective, integrated risk management strategies that position them for growth. Our programs rest on three pillars of focus – outreach, curriculum and research – and are consistent with our mission to:

  • Promote integrated risk management as a driver of growth and value for organizational and business wide decisions
  • Drive effective and meaningful collaboration between academic research and industry practice
  • Explore cutting-edge thought leadership and research on risk-related questions

The Risk Institute is governed by an advisory board comprised of the six founding members and The Risk Institute leadership from the Fisher College of Business. The Risk Institute’s founding members are recognized for deep expertise in enterprise risk management within their respective industries. Our academic thought leaders inspire and guide risk-related research, curriculum and educational programming.

Our members are recognized in their industry sector for strong and proactive risk practices, or demonstrated efforts to expand current risk practices. Membership is open to organizations that wish to gain comprehensive insights and experience from across academic disciplines and business practices. The knowledge gained through membership will empower your senior leadership to balance risks in ways that create growth and value.

Members take advantage of:

  1. Access to MBA, PHD students for analytical research that would be proprietary to your company. We welcome  conversations around specific research projects and or studies that your team would like to entertain. 

  2. Opportunities to participate at presenter level at our Executive Education sessions.

  3. Access to the resume book of students graduating at both undergraduate and graduate level and who have an interest in risk management.

  4. Opportunities to participate as speaker and or panel member at our annual conference held in the fall of each year.

  5. Partner with The Risk Institute to create co-branded webinars for your employees, which could focus on an array of topics related to risk.

  6. Partner with The Risk Institute on presentation of executive education topics in cities where your clients are located.  

  7. Partner with The Risk Institute on co-branded white paper series, surveys, etc. 

  8. Ability to round table forward thinking ideas with other members of the Risk Institute in “closed door” sessions that take our the risk practice to the next level. 

  9. Ability to partner with other colleges and departments within OSU on projects related to innovation and research that effects the risk practice across industries. With insurance/risk management jobs within Ohio alone to grow by an expected 25,000 to 30,000 roles, it is critical that we continue to develop the best talent to assume those roles.

  10. Ability to partner with some of the leading-edge scientists on topics including operational excellence, infectious disease, financial markets, supply chain, insurance, lean manufacturing, ergonomics, etc. 

For further details on how your company can become a member of The Risk Institute, please contact us today.

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