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The Risk Institute is committed to being a preeminent source of knowledge in enterprise risk management. By facilitating unique interactions among risk practitioners, researchers and students, we discover new insights and best practices that influence current and future generations of risk professionals.”

Bernadette MintonINTERIM - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, The Risk Institute


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The Risk institute is committed to bridging the gap between academia and practice. We do this by hosting numerous events - Risk Series, Annual Conference, and others - that bring practitioners and academics together to discuss the latest happenings in risk.

Distracted Driving Initiative

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The Risk Institute launched the Distracted Driving Initiative in February 2017. This is a nationwide initiative comprised of dozens of companies, government entities, and researchers seeking to combine leading-edge research with industry expertise in order to predict and curb distracted driving behaviors. Learn more.

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Founding members: The Ohio State University, Battelle, Huntington, Nationwide

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Membership Logos in alpha order, AON, Discover, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, Risk International, Safelite Autoglass, STRS Ohio, TrueNorth

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Bernadette Minton
Interim Executive Director, The Risk Institute 

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