Undergraduate Programs Current OSU Students

Admission to Major Program and Specialization Criteria

This process is for current OSU students only.

Admission to the major program in the Fisher College of Business is determined by the available enrollment capacity, size and quality of the application pool and therefore is not guaranteed.  Individual specializations are competitive; GPA requirements for each specialization will fluctuate with each applicant pool.  Students who are not competitive for their first specialization choice will be considered for their alternate selection, and may be admitted to major with specialization undecided.

Application for acceptance to major program and specialization in the Fisher College of Business may be submitted for consideration when the following set of criteria is met:

Requirements for application to Major Program:

  • Minimum OSU GPA of 3.00 or better
  • Completion of 26 semester hours of course work (this includes transfer credit, EM, AP, PSEO)
  • Completion of a minimum of 12 semester hours of OSU letter-graded earned hours
  • Completion of English 1110 or equivalent with a grade of C or better
  • Completion of Math 1131 or 1151 or equivalent and prerequisites with grades of C or better

Important notes:

Current Ohio State students may apply to the Business major program by submitting an online application.

Applications are made available one month prior to each application deadline:


Once admitted to the major program, a professional program fee and technology fee is assessed every term.  Fees are subject to annual review and may change without notice.

Admissions decisions will be sent to applicants OSU email address.  It is your responsibility to check your account and to be sure it is functioning properly.

Major changer modules

Are you a current Ohio State student thinking about switching your major to business?  Please complete the Fisher College of Business Major Changer Modules via Carmen!  The following topics are covered:
1.  General information on the structure and requirements of the undergraduate Business degree.
2. Pre-Business eligibility requirements and courses to take as a Pre-Business student. 
3. The process to apply for the Business major.
4. The structure of our major program and resources to explore specialization areas.
5. Support and resources available for students through the College of Business

These modules are for current OSU students only.

Before enrolling in the online modules, review the list of requirements that must be completed to switch to Pre-Business or add Pre-Business as a 2nd major.
(1)  3.0+ GPA at OSU
(2) Completion of 12 or more semester hours of OSU letter-graded credit hours
(3) Completion of Math 1130 or Math 1150 or Math 1148 with a C or higher, or Math Placement Level “L"
(4) International Students Only: Enrollment in EDUTL 1020

If you do not meet one or more of these requirements, you are ineligible to switch to Pre-Business or add Pre-Business as a 2nd major; however, you may still complete the modules to gather information.

You may take the online Carmen modules at any time.  To register, simply email FCOB-majorchanger@osu.edu stating that you’d like to do the modules, and you will be given access to them within 48 business hours.  The modules will show up on your Carmen as ‘Fisher College of Business Major Changer Modules’ within 48 business hours.

Once you have completed the modules and earned a 100% on the quiz, you must email FCOB-majorchanger@osu.edu again stating that you’ve finished the modules and the quiz with a 100% in order to finish the process.  If you're eligible to switch to Pre-Business or add it as a 2nd degree plan, your record will be updated and an email sent to you with the changes within two business days of receiving your email.

If you have any further questions, contact FCOB-majorchanger@osu.edu