Application for Admission to Major and Specialization

Current Ohio State students should complete the following form to apply for admission to Fisher College of Business Undergraduate Major and Specialization.

Admission to the BSBA major is not guaranteed. Admission to the business major and individual specializations will depend on the size and quality of the applicant pool and can be highly competitive. If you do not receive an offer of admission you may apply again at a later cycle. Access to business coursework while awaiting an open application cycle is not permitted.

Application submissions are time stamped. If you submit multiple applications, only the final submission will be reviewed. Application decisions will be sent to your OSU name.# email account six to eight weeks after the deadline. Submissions that are incomplete or incorrect will not be reviewed.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office at 614-292-2715 or by stopping at the front desk in 120 Schoenbaum Hall.

Please read all information carefully. The application deadline for admission for autumn semester 2020 is June 1, 2020.

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Please note, General Business is not available to students on the Columbus campus. Special Major requires program approval.
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By pressing the submit button, I affirm that the information I provided on this application, and any other information that I have submitted or will submit in connection with the admission process, is complete and accurate. I understand that submission of incomplete or inaccurate information is cause for revocation of admission and may be subject to review by the University Office of Judicial Affairs.