Bruce W. Bellner, BBA, MBA, DBA is a faculty member with the Department of Management and Human Resources.

Dr. Bellner currently teaches Global Environment of Business for the executive and full-time MBA programs, and International Human Resource Management for the MHRM degree. At the undergraduate level, he offers the Honors Cohort Strategic Management capstone and International Business core classes and the International Labor and Human Resources elective.

Dr. Bellner has received numerous teaching awards, including the Pace Setters Daniel Westerbeck Teaching Excellence Award – the highest teaching honors bestowed by The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business, and the Fisher College Merit Award for contributions to enhancement of learning inside and outside of the classroom.

As a Global Applied Project faculty advisor, he has led student teams and consulted with several multinational companies, including: a major Japanese auto manufacturer; one of the largest private outsourcing and staffing companies based in Chile; an iconic Indian hospitality company; and a major multinational medical devices and health care company.

Dr. Bellner previously taught in the Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences and was recognized by the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society and the Sphinx Senior Class Honorary. In addition, he has been a recurring visiting professor in Business and Economics for the summer program at Qingdao University and Minzu University.

Prior to academia, Dr. Bellner enjoyed a rewarding career in financial services and held executive management and leadership positions in commercial banking. He served on numerous boards, including as a Director for a non-profit organization and as Trustee for the local Area Chamber of Commerce.

As the Chair of the Advisory Council Board for the newly reestablished Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at The Ohio State University, Dr. Bellner is involved in efforts to promote activities to advance the study and teaching of international business and to support applied research on global awareness and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world.

Dr. Bellner earned a Doctor of Business Administration in Strategy from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University.


  • BBA University of Toledo
  • MBA Ashland University
  • DBA Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University


  • BUSMHR 4490 - Strategic Management

    Introduction to the concepts and analytic tools in the field of strategic management to understand the competitive position of firms. Prereq: 2000 (BusADM 555), 2292 (BusADM 499.01), 3200 (701), and BusMGT 2320 (330), 2321 (331), 3230 (630), and BusFIN 3500 (510), 3220 (620), and BusML 3250 (650), 3380, and Sr standing in Business Administration major program. Not open to students with credit for BusAdm 799. Not open to students in UUSS, UEXP, or PREBSBA-PR.

  • BUSMHR 4490H - Strategic Management

    Introduction to the concepts and analytic tools in the field of strategic management to understand the competitive position of firms. Prereq: 2000 (BusAdm 555), 2292 (BusAdm 499.01), and 3200 (701); and BusMgt 2320 (330), 2321 (331), and 3230 (630); and BusFin 3500 (510), and 3220 (620); and BusML 3250 (650), and 3380; and Sr standing in Business Administration Honors program. Not open to students with credit for BusAdm 799H.

  • BUSMHR 2000 - Introduction to International Business

    Basic coverage of world trade and investment problems, and introduction to multinational corporation strategies and the various types of environments in which they do business. Prereq: Econ 2002.01 (201), and Econ 2001.01 (200) or AEDEcon 2001 (200). Not open to students with credit for BusAdm 555. Not open to students enrolled in UUSS, UExp or PreBSBA-PR.

  • MBA 6261 - Global Environment of Business

    Political, economic, social and technological forces shaping today's global business environment. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA or WPMBA program, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 820.

  • BUSMHR 7325 - International Human Resource Management

    Course is an overview of managing human resources across borders, with emphasis on the strategies and practices of multinational corporations, and examines the opportunities & challenges of operating in a global economy, how cross-national differences shape approaches to business and human resource management, and analysis of future trends and challenges in international human resource management. Prereq: Enrollment in MHRM program.

  • BUSMHR 4321 - International Labor and Human Resource Management

    Examination of the human resource challenges that emerge in multinational organizations, and emphasis on issues to be considered when preparing oneself and others for international assignments. Prereq: 2000 and 3200.