Pro-bono project management provides Fisher College of Business students with opportunities to directly impact their communities and develop leadership strengths through experiential project work with nonprofit organizations.

Direct interaction with an organization offers students the chance to serve a key leadership role in delivering meaningful results to their client organization. Through their projects, students are responsible for developing key recommendations, while also practicing critical consulting and stakeholder management skills. Further, experienced project facilitators guide students through ongoing training and project management exercises, coach students in milestone planning, and oversee their final recommendation.

The Leadership Initiative offers this experience through a new 3-credit-hour elective course: Leadership Effectiveness through Applied Projects and Team Coaching.


  • Course Overview

    The Leadership Effectiveness through Applied Projects and Team Coaching (LEAP+TC) is a 3-credit-hour elective course that focuses heavily on developing leadership competencies in the context of working in teams through project work with nonprofit organizations while receiving on-going team coaching. Using the Agile methodology and design thinking techniques as a framework, students will learn this iterative process that focuses on innovation and group dynamics. Students will focus on self-awareness, learn about their leadership strengths, practice effective team interactions, and demonstrate critical project management skills while applying what they learn throughout their nonprofit organization interactions. Through this course, students will:

    1. Work together on teams of 3 or 4 to manage and complete a project taht provides recommendations to meet the needs of the organization.
    2. Learn and apply a project management framework.
    3. Demonstrate and apply the competencies, behaviors, and best practices associated with project management and leadership capabilities.
    4. Develop and hone their personal leadership and team effectiveness and skills.
    5. Build awareness of community issues and increase their ability to positively influence their communities.

    Who may register?

    • 2nd year MBA
    • 2nd year MHRM
    • 2nd year WP MBA

    When is the course offered?

    • Course offered: Spring Semester
    • Course Number: MHR 7238
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • Weeks: 14-weeks
    • Instructor: John Schaffner, Sr. Lecturer Management & Human Resources


  • The Project Experience

    Past partner organizations include:

    Civil War Trust

    Catholic Social Services



    United Way

    HandsOn Central Ohio

    As a Fisher Alumna, I have very high expecations for Fisher students. The team I had the opportunity to work with was amazing - they were bright, motivated, and excited about the project. Their final project was impressive - above and beyond what even I had expected - and I am so very proud of the work they did!

    Danielle BlackCatholic Social Services
    MBA, Class of 2015


  • More Information

    Fisher Leadership Initiative
    300 Fisher Hall