Title: Tracey Richardson

Company: Teaching Lean Inc. 


Tracey Richardson, president of Teaching Lean Inc., has over 24 years of experience in Toyota methodologies including:  Lean Problem Solving, Quality Circles, Lean Manufacturing tools, Standardized Work, Job Instruction Training, Toyota Production System, Toyota Way Values, Culture Development, Visualization (Workplace Management Systems), Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Meeting Facilitation/Teamwork, and Manufacturing Simulations. 

On occasion Tracey works for Toyota as a contract consultant when specific needs are requested in Training and Development area.  Her goal whether inside or outside of Toyota is to develop the capabilities of Team Members, Leadership, and Executives in Lean Thinking, that will align their role with the company business plan (Hoshin).   These capabilities are vital to sustain a positive relationship between Leadership and team members ensuring mutual trust and respect within the company (Lean culture). Tracey is passionate about assisting Organizations or Companies who are on the “Lean journey” and wanting support implementing key elements for success.

Prior to Teaching Lean Inc., Tracey was a Group Leader in the Plastics Department at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky from 1988-1998.  She was one of the first team members hired with the fortunate opportunity to learn from the Japanese trainers getting hands on experience from the experts.   As a Group Leader her responsibilities were to oversee all team members in safety, quality, productivity, cost, and training and development goals for her groups.     Throughout her ten years at Toyota Tracey took various training courses to improve her abilities in the Toyota Production System and Continuous Improvement.  She accumulated over 460 hours of class time and priceless lessons from her trainers/mentors.

Tracey grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and currently lives there with her husband Ernie who is a Human Resources Manager at Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America.  She attended Eastern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky and the Toyota Training Center.  She is also on the faculty at the Lean Enterprise Institute.  (LEI – lean.org)