Our Ambassadors are here to help you navigate the admissions process at Fisher and also give you more information about the programs we offer.  Feel free to contact them or schedule an appointment to meet and tour the campus.


Learn more about a few of our Ambassadors below.

Highlighted Ambassadors:

MBA Ambassadors Specialized Master's Ambassadors

PlaceholderThais Ronconi | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Undergrad college: University of Sao Paulo
Pre MBA-Industry/Function: Banking and Market Research/ HR
Post-MBA Career Goals: Technology/Human Resources
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  • Q & A with Thais

    Why did you choose Fisher? I chose Fisher for its small class size, its curriculum with emphasis on leadership, friendly community and the city of Columbus itself.
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? The supportive community of students, staff and faculty and the diversity embedded in Fisher culture.
    Favorite class at Fisher? Strategy and Coaching
    On-campus/community involvement or What clubs are you involved in? Besides being a MBA Ambassador, I am a Forte Fellow and VP of Communications at Fisher Graduate Latino Association.
    Advice to prospective candidates? Gather specific information about the course and curriculum, professors and program focus, as well as talk to alumni. Visit the school for the admissions interview and be ready for an amazing experience.

PlaceholderRajat Gugnani | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Technology Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Uttarakhand, India
Undergraduate College: College of Engineering Roorkee
Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Consumer Electronics/ Business Development & Project Management
Post-MBA Industry/Function: Technology/Product Mgmt.
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  • Q & A with Rajat

    Why did you choose Fisher? I chose Fisher because of the people. During the application process, every student and staff member I reached out to was more than willing to help me with my questions about the program and the application process in general. Moreover, the Buckeye network is known to be really powerful and dependable.   
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? Fisher’s collaborative community surprises me every day. Each and every student in the program is already successful in their own way, yet everyone is humble and willing to help each other – be it class assignments or group work or developing a network.
    Favorite class at Fisher: Organizations, Market, and Management by Roger Bailey
    What clubs are you involved in? Innovation Fisher, Fisher Entrepreneurship Association, Association of Marketing Professionals, Fisher Indian Student Association, Fisher Consulting and Strategy Club
    Advice to prospective candidates? Try to research about the school and talk to the current students and alumni to understand your fit and what all does the school has to offer.

PlaceholderMichael Mahoney | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Marketing
Hometown: Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Undergraduate college: The Ohio State University, BSBA
Pre MBA-Industry/Function: Higher Education/Research Admin
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  • Q & A with Michael

    Why did you chose Fisher? The Three C’s: Culture, Class Size, Columbus
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? Since day 1, I have felt comfortable revealing my weaknesses to my classmates.
    Favorite class at Fisher: Consumer Behavior with Professor Rob Smith
    On-campus/community involvement or What clubs are you involved in? Association of Marketing Professionals, Recruiting and Admissions
    Advice to prospective candidates? Widen your search criteria beyond just the business school itself—consider the resources and amenities of the larger University and city, which will all impact your learning and lifestyle.

PlaceholderKatie Abdellatif | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Marketing and Strategy
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Undergraduate college: University of Dayton
Pre MBA-Industry/Function: Medical Device Industry/Market Research
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  • Q & A with Katie

    Why did you chose Fisher? The small class size, commitment to integrity and student organizations/experiential learning opportunities. We have been able to build great relationships with faculty and our classmates throughout the program due to the small size. In addition, the opportunities to grow as a leader and get involved in Columbus and on campus have been amazing.
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? The diverse set of students and how much I have been able to learn from my classmates in and outside of class.
    Favorite class at Fisher: Marketing
    On-campus/community involvement or What clubs are you involved in?: FGWIB, Fisher Serves, AMP, GAP
    Advice to prospective candidates? Make sure to take time for self-reflection and relaxation. We kick-off the program in full swing with many great opportunities to get involved, but make sure to take some time for you as well.

PlaceholderBrittany Fennell | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Operations & Logistics
Hometown: Dublin, OH
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Healthcare
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  • Q & A with Brittany

    Why did you chose Fisher?  I chose Fisher for its small, collaborative program where I knew I would get personalized attention from faculty and staff throughout my development in the program.  The small class size has also allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with my classmates and learn from their experiences.  I also knew that becoming a student at Fisher would give me access to an extensive alumni network, as well as access to the larger university resources while I am here.
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? The culture! Fisher does a great job of fostering an environment conducive to collaboration and teamwork, which is critical to success in any business environment.  I have learned so much by working with others during the program, and have appreciated the support I have had along this journey.
    Favorite Class? Organizational Coaching taught by Professor Schaffner.  This class not only helps you discover your own style of leadership and how it affects and is perceived by others, but also teaches you how to work with a team to bring out the best in each individual and help them achieve their personal goals.  This class taught me so much about myself and I am excited to take these skills with me Post-MBA.   
    On-campus/community involvement or What clubs are you involved in?  Forte Fellow, Black MBA Association, OLMA (Operations and Logistics Management Association), FGWIB (Fisher Graduate Women in Business)
    Advice to prospective candidates? Be yourself!  Be confident in your decision to pursue an MBA and tell your unique story.

PlaceholderAndris Koh | MBA Ambassador

Specialization: Marketing – Brand Management
Hometown: Singapore / Cleveland, OH
Undergraduate college: Cleveland Institute of Music
Pre MBA-Industry/Function: Music and Education
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  • Q & A with Andris

    Why did you choose Fisher? I was looking for a school that focused on integrated learning in an intimate class setting. Fisher is known for its small class size which gives us more opportunities to interact and take on a different variety of projects.
    What surprised you the most about Fisher? The number of guest speakers and company recruiting information sessions that Fisher provides.
    Favorite class at Fisher: I don’t have one right now, but I do like Data Analytics and Leadership.
    On-campus/community involvement or What clubs are you involved in? Fisher Association of Marketing Professionals, Fisher Graduate Women in Business, Fisher Board Fellow (still waiting to hear if I got accepted).
    Advice to prospective candidates? Come to Fisher with an open mindset and a positive attitude! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People at Fisher are warm, welcoming, and always willing to help.