Mike delivers a unique blend of Lean, Six Sigma, IT and Operations. He has been 
coaching and consulting clients for over 20 years. His career includes the successful application 
of Lean in many environments including IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Service Industries, Supply 
Chain Logistics, Banking, Insurance, Aerospace and Food & Beverage. Mike has successfully assisted 
many organizations in their journey towards Operational Excellence. 
As a plant manager of a medical implants facility, Mike led a company-­‐wide Lean transformation 
that included supply chain partners. He has also spearheaded strategic planning and Project 
Management Office practices in several organizations. Mike’s IT experience includes development, 
systems analysis and design and project management of enterprise-­‐wide IT projects; his leadership 
experience includes large-­‐ scale roll out of Lean initiatives in global companies as guide and 
Considered a pioneer of Lean IT, Mike is coauthor of the award-­‐winning book “Lean IT: Enabling 
and Sustaining Your Lean Enterprise.” The book explores many aspects of Lean IT – including 
integrating IT with the business, information-­‐based process 
improvement, ITIL, Agile software development, and Lean project management. 
He holds degrees from Stanford University and the University of Oregon as well as certifications in 
Management Accounting, Production and Inventory Control, Project Management, Six Sigma and Agile. 
Mike is an Adjunct Professor with The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, a faculty member of 
the Lean Enterprise Institute and President of Mike Orzen & Associates, which emphasizes 
respectfully engaging people, improving business process capability 
and leveraging IT to drive a culture of operational excellence.