The Innovation Practice program has been offered by Ohio State Fisher since 2010. This unique program is designed especially for executives and senior managers who are responsible for driving innovation throughout their organization, and for business leaders who want to better understand how to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Innovation is really about creating value for customers, partners, and the organization overall. Add to that, the essence of entrepreneurship—capturing the economic value in a creative idea—and this represents an essential capability for all companies, from start-ups to large multinationals.

These core principles and practices are taught in our undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition, we leverage these faculty members and their content in this executive education program to create business leaders who can drive innovation out to the marketplace, and down to the bottom line.

Value Creation: Ideation and Generation

We examine the different ways that companies put customers at the center of their ideation process; how they choose which problems to solve; and how they reveal new opportunities in the overlap of emerging trends, unmet customer needs, and organizational competencies—both inside and outside of their company.

Value Capture: Evaluation and Commercialization 

With a full pipeline of ideas, businesses must assess idea potential, separate the great ideas from the good, and determine how to commercialize ideas. We explore the process of idea evaluation, and then examine the theories, frameworks and processes for successful commercialization of those ideas.

Value Delivery: Organizational Integration and Culture

Leaders need to ensure that innovation becomes everyone’s job—where all associates are empowered and encouraged to model innovation behavior. Together, we examine how leadership, resource allocation, and organizational policies can be used to address the formidable challenge of changing culture and overcoming corporate inertia. We also examine how to engage employees and foster ownership of innovation so that it becomes a key part of every employee’s role.

  • Program Dates: Planning is underway for the autumn 2017 session—check back for specific program dates.

The Innovation Practice program is ideal for teams from a single organization. The program will give you the knowledge you need to design optimal processes and policies for your organization, as well as insights into creating a culture of innovation. Additional programs, coaching, assessments and simulations can be added to address an organization’s ongoing needs.

The program design and delivery is done in collaboration with the Ohio State Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Learn more here.

Framework: Michael Leiblein, PhD and Arvids Ziedonis, PhD


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