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KeyBank Undergraduate Symposium

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KeyBank and Fisher College of Business Leadership & Creativity Undergraduate Minority Student Symposium

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Symposium Event December 3-6, 2020
Registration Fee $75

The 13th Annual KeyBank Leadership and Creativity Undergraduate Minority Student Symposium was held on December 3-6, 2020.

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Fisher College of Business and KeyBank provided undergraduate business and engineering junior and senior students a three-day intensive camp on leadership, creativity, product innovation, spreadsheet management, entrepreneurial thinking, persuasive communication, and the art of "putting it all together." The event was held at The Blackwell Inn, our campus hotel and conference center.

The Annual KeyBank Leadership and Creativity Symposium is an extension of KeyBank's recruiting efforts partnered with Fisher and many of the College's peer institutions.

Each participating university had the opportunity to nominate two ethnically under-represented students whose GPA is at least above 3.0 (preferences 3.4 or greater). About 40 students from business and engineering programs are annually selected to participate.

This three day event provides a competitive forum for skill building in the following areas:

  • Leadership training
  • Creativity and the power of creative thinking
  • Product innovation and new product development
  • Spreadsheet management and analysis
  • Entrepreneurial theory and practice
  • Persuasive communication

Approximately 40 students from universities around the country had the opportunity to join us for this exciting experience. Participants engaged in an intensive series of workshops focusing on the areas listed above. Thanks to the generous and active involvement of the KeyBank organization, specific examples of the banking industry were highlighted. Students had an opportunity to receive individual awards ranging from $300 - $500 and to receive participation allowances ranging from $200 - $400. Participants received complimentary housing and meals at the Blackwell Inn. A special consideration was given to students who had student organization executive board experience (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary) and to students who registered early.

For additional information contact the KeyBank Coordination team at or 614.292.1978

Modules for the Symposium

  • Leadership

    What do we know about effective leaders? Who are they? What traits do they possess? What practices do they implement in leading organizations? Effective leadership can trigger the value chain in organizations, or it can become the single biggest obstacle to overcome.

  • Creativity

    This module is linked with the product innovation module. It will introduce students to the power of creative thinking by taking them through problems where creative solutions are demanded.

  • Product Innovation

    The students who participate in this module will understand the process of innovation, propose new product ideas, and defend them in a formal presentation setting.

  • Spreadsheet Management & Analysis

    This module will help students understand the use of spreadsheets in management decision-making, as well as guide them through a routine management problem where they make decisions based on spreadsheet analysis.

  • Entrepreneurship

    This module takes students through the process of evaluating new ideas and the steps needed to implement those ideas.

  • Presentation Skills

    Effective presentation skills are critical to your professional and personal success. This module focuses on presentation style for different audiences, content, and how you can deliver an effective analysis of a challenge or problem facing an organization.


2019 Case Competition Winners



Elvis Gadtaula, SUNY University at Albany 
Catherine Bautista, SUNY University at Buffalo
Kaileb Cadet, University of Connecticut 
Sneha Arora, The Ohio State University 
Lauren Hurley, Michigan State University 




Veronica Arrascue Quiroz, The Ohio State University 
Aarti Arun, Case Western Reserve University 
Charles Chirume, Central State University
Alexis Douglas, South Carolina State University
Gerardo Lucena, Michigan State University


Special Recognition Certificates Granted

Bracket I

Best Presenter: Lauren Hurley, Michigan State University
Best Q&A: Farhan Bin Amjad, University of Northern Iowa



Bracket II

Best Presenter: Aarti Arun, Case Western Reserve University
Best Q&A: Krystal Rivera, Cleveland State University