Asian MBA Leadership Conference

Asian MBA
Chinese Business Professional Association at the 2016 Asian MBA Leadership Conference in New York, NY

There are three things I personally gained through the 2016 AMBA conference: 1) external networking opportunity - it's a great opportunity to get to know MBA students from other top business schools around the country, and expand my current professional network; 2) Fisher CBPA bonding opportunity - this is a valuable chance to strengthen the relationships with the rest of the Chinese Business Professional Association members; 3) company relations - even though the employers at the recruiting event did not match my background and career directions, it's still a worthy experience to present Fisher to some of the employers to build future employment relationships. Overall, it's a great relationship building experience for me."

Jingchen (Lucy) LiuMBA Student, Chinese Business Professional Association, Fisher College of Business


MBA Veterans Conference

Veterans Conference
Fisher Veterans Association at the 2016 MBA Veterans Conference in Chicago, IL

I am glad that I had the unique opportunity to attend the MBA Veterans Conference in Chicago. As a first year MBA student, I found the conference extremely helpful in networking with veteran recruiters from some very respectable companies. Too often we veterans find challenges in translating our military experience into marketable civilian skillsets. This conference not only allowed me to meet with recruiters that understood how my military background can add value to their company, but they also were willing to work in assisting me in my resume wording and job search. I could tell that the veterans recruiting at the conference had an active interest in wanting to see us find careers. Definitely a worth-while experience and one I hope to take advantage of next year.” 

Daniel DixonMBA Student, Fisher Veterans Association, Fisher College of Business


National Black MBA Association Conference & Exposition

BMBAATeam Photo
Black MBA Association at the 2017 National Black MBA Association Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Attending the 2017 NBMBAA/Prospanica in Philadelphia was both exciting and nerve-wracking. I was excited to be among a large diverse group of educated peers and companies in one place but I was also nervous to compete in the 2017 case competition. My team ended up being the only Big 10 school to advance to the second round, making us a top-10 finalist and very proud to represent Fisher. I was granted some interviews and got to network and connect with so many individuals, both students and company representatives, from different backgrounds and locations. I made sure to explore the beautiful city as well. I highly recommend taking advantage of these conferences and I can’t wait to volunteer again next year! ”

Mel KostrickMBA Student, Fisher College of Business

Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA)Conference

BMBAATeam Photo
Fisher College of Business Students at the 2018 ROMBA Conference in Atlanta, GA

ROMBA was invaluable to my MBA experience here at The Ohio State University. It helped me connect with companies in an affirming environment, where I was able to meet target companies that never step foot in Columbus. I will definitely be attending next year's ROMBA conference as I met friends from other universities that I will stay in touch with over the coming twelve months."

Matt ArnstineMBA Student, Fisher College of Business
Council of Black Students in Administration at the 2016 National Black MBA Conference in New Orleans, LA

Attending the 2016 NBMBAA Conference in New Orleans was one of the best experiences I’ve had during my time at Ohio State. I attended having already accepted a post-grad job offer, but attending the conference allowed me to have conversations with the admissions teams at many top tier MBA programs. Those conversations — with Harvard, Yale, and Kellogg — have led to ongoing relationships that will help me explore my MBA choices after I have a few more years of professional experience. If I had not attended the conference, I would not have been able to have those one-on-one conversations and get to know MBA admissions teams at a personal level." 

Kelsie AugustinUndergraduate Student, Council for Black Students in Administration, Fisher College of Business


National Association of Women MBAs Conference & Career Fair

Fisher Graduate Women in Business at the 2016 National Association of Women MBAs Conference in Stamford, CT

The experience at NAWMBA 2016 at Stamford, Connecticut was transformational and amazing. I had the chance to meet up with MBA fellows across the nation, interact with distinguished and inspired guest speakers, and get the practical advices for personal and professional development. The content of conference was customized and focus to women empowerment which is very relevant and intimate. I appreciate the connection we made and the motivation we created together. Definitely the experience at NAWMBA would be one of the best conferences during my MBA.”

Hanh HuynhMBA Student, Fisher Graduate Women in Business, Fisher College of Business


Prospanica Conference & career expo

Fisher Latino Student Association at the 2016 Prospanica Conference in Houston, TX

Prospanica was a great opportunity to network with other Hispanic and Latino professionals. I was able to make really good connections that will certainly help me in the future towards my career aspirations. The event did a great job in promoting diversity in the workplace as well as Hispanic/Latin culture. I would like to thank the Office of Diversity personally for offering FGLA the funding to attend.”

Eduardo MoraesMBA Student, Fisher Latino Student Association, Fisher College of Business




National Association of Black Accountants at the 2016 NABA Central Region Convention in Milwaukee, WI

I came into the NABA conference not knowing what to expect. I wasn't an accounting major so I didn't think I would get any interviews or that companies were looking for HR majors. However, when I got to the conference, I was proven wrong. First, I received a scholarship along with four fellow undergrad students, which was a blessing. Then, I landed an interview with KeyBank who was hiring for an HR internship. I met countless students and professionals from different schools and companies. I went to technical sessions that were very involved and helped me with my soft skills. Overall it was a great experience and I love the mission to "Lift as we Climb", everyone there seemed to live up to it."

Miesha AlexanderUndergraduate Student, Nation Association of Black Accountants, Fisher College of Business