Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services
Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, numerous scholarships come through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services and Corporate and Community Outreach (ODISSCCO).

Many of these scholarships simply require filling out and submitting a short application. Information about these scholarships is maintained in our office at 351 Fisher Hall. Minority students with academic merit and/or unmet financial need are eligible and strongly encouraged to apply for these scholarships.


  • Shell (Offered during Spring Semester)
    • Distribution- late February
    • Deadline- late March
    • Average number of applicants per year: 8-10
    • One $1,000 scholarship awarded
    • 3.0 minimum undergraduate or graduate grade point average
    • Sophomore or junior
    • Major must be finance, accounting, supply chain, logistics, or operations
    • Total minority students awarded (2006-Present): 24
    • Total amount of scholarship awarded (2006-Present): $29,450
  • ExxonMobil (Offered during Fall Semester)
    • Applicant announcement - mid August
    • Deadline - mid September
    • Average number of applicants per year: 6-8
    • Funds distribution – early October (Fall Semester)
    • Two $2,500 MLHR minority scholarships will be awarded
    • 1st year OSU FCOB MHRM program ethnic minority graduate student
    • 3.0 GPA
    • Total minority students awarded (2004-Present): 23
    • Total amount of scholarship awarded (2004-Present): $57,000
  • Ernst & Young (Offered during Fall Semester)
    • Application announcement - early September
    • Deadline - early October
    • Funds Distribution – beginning of the following semester
    • Average number of applicants per year: 25-30
    • 10 freshmen students awarded scholarships
    • $500 book scholarship - all participants in the EY accounting scholars program are automatically eligible to receive a $500 book scholarship for the school year provided they maintain a 3.2 GPA and attend all academic support sessions.
    • $1,500 freshman accounting leaders scholarship and $2,500 sophomore accounting leaders scholarship - in addition to book scholarships, scholars will be eligible to apply for additional academic scholarships. Students must be in good standing the EY scholars program including attending all academic support sessions, and have a GPA of 3.4 or above. A separate application is needed to be considered for this award, and will be due late spring semester. This scholarship will be distributed in the fall.
    • Total minority students awarded (2001-Present): 100
    • Total amount of scholarship awarded (2001-Present): $239,000

In addition to private scholarship funds, the University Fellowship Program operated by the Graduate School is available to assist eligible minority graduate students with United States citizenship. Through a combination of assistantships and stipends, students may have their tuition, fees, and living allowances financed during their master's and/or doctorate degrees.

To find out more information on scholarships and the University Fellowship Program, please contact Jordan Williams ( at (614) 292-1017 or stop by 351 Fisher Hall.