Welcome to the Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) Institute at The Ohio State University – a premier Proof of Concept Center for commercializing innovative technologies.

TEC offers award-winning educational programs for academic and professional innovators, analytical and consulting services for corporations, investment firms and research institutions, and thought leadership on commercialization of early-stage technologies at the university and beyond.

Our programs serve all participants in the commercialization experience, from academics to business professionals, from startups to corporations, in Ohio and around the globe.

  • Research Institutions – The TEC Institute’s research and evaluation services assist academic, private and nonprofit research institutions in effectively triaging early-stage technologies, developing commercialization strategies for high-profile technologies, and monetizing dormant IP.
  • Corporations and Private Investment Firms – The TEC Institute’s analytical and consulting services assist corporations and investment firms in identifying, qualifying and acquiring innovative technologies that present promising early-stage investments, enhance the competitive position of a company’s existing products or provide new market opportunities for top-line revenue growth.
  • Academic and Professional Innovators – The Richard S. Langdale Academy in Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization offers innovative educational programs (academic and professional) in technology commercialization. The award winning programs are designed to meet the unique learning needs of graduate students, research scientists, academic scholars, and business professionals.

Whether you are looking to monetize a particular technology, invest in technology-based startups, or acquire new technologies in support of your corporate mission, the TEC Institute can help.

Our Mission

To accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies for increased return on innovation investment and to train academic and business professionals in the advanced art, science and practice of technology entrepreneurship.

For more information

Contact Paul Reeder, Executive Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship