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A program designed to enhance corporate innovation through a unique student lens.


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OnRamp is a corporate innovation idea accelerator driven by innovative students at The Ohio State University. Given initial concepts generated by a sponsor, a group of students conduct customer validation and innovation techniques over a multi-week program to result in unique solutions for real-world change.


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Past OnRamp: Mobility Innovation Sprint


You do not have to have prior experience with the innovation process. 
The best ideas come from those with an open mind and unique perspective.


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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor provides undergraduate students from multiple disciplines and majors with a core understanding of how to develop a new start-up business or create new products and services within an existing organization. Students completing the minor will possess the ability to apply critical thinking skills and cross-disciplinary, collaborative problem solving in the creation of successful new ventures, products and services.



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Center for Innovation Strategies