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Ohio State has a successful history of generating innovators, and the need for this talent is greater than ever. 


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The Center for Innovation Strategies OnRamp is a multi-program platform designed to assist companies with all stages of the innovation process, from ideation to hand-off. This platform allows corporate sponsors to engage with the CIS team and undergraduate students through a variety of innovative value-generating processes. Students have an opportunity to directly influence real-world innovations from concept to implementation. Innovation ideas or exploratory areas are posed from within the company, and company representatives oversee and help with the direction of the idea, with ongoing guidance and consultation from the CIS team.

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We are thrilled that Ingage has had the incredible opportunity to partner with The Ohio State University Center for Innovation Strategies. We want to thank all of the students for their work this semester! Their expertise has been instrumental in helping us explore and validate early-stage ideas with a customer-focused approach.”

Dean Curtis CEO at Ingage 



OnRamp Offerings


CIS leadership and a select group of students explore trends, conduct an environmental scan, and ideate a large volume of potential innovation concepts to fill your innovation pipeline. In this 8-week program concepts are generated, vetted, and selected for further exploration, to fuel and accelerate the de-risking and validation process for early stage innovation concepts.

Custom Sprint

Highly motivated student teams are employed as extra bandwidth to address your innovation needs through a customized 6 to 8-week innovation sprint. Previous sprints include a program designed to explore societal and business impacts of the evolving cannabis industry and challenges related to mobility and energy innovation.

Tech Push

Known technologies in a sponsoring company’s IP portfolio are broken down to attributes and then applied to many different industry verticals. With guidance from CIS leadership, student teams explore potential business use cases and prospective partners to help formulate a business development strategy for the commercialization of technologies.  

Idea Accelerator

Student teams are given an exploratory space and then provided instruction which enables them to employ start-up methodology and research methods to identify problems and unmet customer needs. Insights are derived from gathered data in order to build unique solutions and potential innovation experiments across the three horizons innovation framework.

Business Modeling 

A full-time summer internship focused on validating a business case around a proposed concept. Student teams will build prototypes, conduct user testing, and interview potential customers to develop a viable business model for further investment.

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Innovation Leader

Through the Innovation Leader program, CIS will work with your organization to engage your associates in the innovation process, including concept exploration, customer validation, and experimentation, with a goal of developing innovation leaders throughout your organization.

Over eight weeks, CIS leadership leads a series of group facilitation and consultation sessions to guide innovation teams through the innovation process. Organizations provide problem/concept areas for exploration, de-risking and validation.

Program Goals

Table listing program goals: generate insights, create value, build culture

Program Benefits

  • Student Talent - Develop your talent pipeline and witness Ohio State's talented students in action

  • Lean Start-Up - Explore multiple early-stage low fidelity concepts to quickly iterate and de-risk ideas

  • Customer Validation - By conducting personal interviews with potential users, customer data is obtained to inform solutions

  • Innovation Culture - Create an outlet for ideation and expose associates to lean start-up process and customer-focused thinking

  • Collaboration - Collaborate with students and CIS leadership to create new business concepts

  • Real-World Impact - Explore the potential of new business models, products and services



Sponsor logos: Worthington, Wendy's, Easton, NASA, Parallax

Sponsor logos: United Healthcare, Rides4Refugees, Midmark, Honda Research Institute, AEP, Ingage, VISA, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Greif

Sponsor logos: Ohio State Energy Partners, Nationwide, Hagedorn Legacy Foundation, Honda, JPMC, Scotts Miracle Gro, J.M. Smucker Co.

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