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Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program

In 2020, the Ohio State University Center for Innovation Strategies (CIS) launched a new Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program (MID_EP, formerly the Experiential Program in Drug Development) for MBA and graduate students. Led by Brian Wulff, PhD, the program provides a valuable opportunity for students with a STEM-based degree who are pursuing a graduate business degree at the Fisher College of Business. Thanks to a generous gift from the Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation, this experiential program draws upon the breadth of expertise at Ohio State by strengthening the relationship between Fisher, CIS and the Wexner Medical Center, a partnership that is centered by the strong connection between CIS and the Drug Development Institute (DDI)The MID-EP offers firsthand experience in the medical innovation development process through interaction and support provided to university and external partners. Structured as a two-year position for graduate business students, participating graduate assistants support the medical innovation programs of CIS partners through market analysis and competitive intelligence work.

In the spring of 2021, CIS welcomed the first MID-EP Graduate Assistant, Justin Webbs. Justin received over 20 hours of personalized instruction on topics including dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry, intellectual property, bioethics, cancer biology, medical technology assessment, and pharmaceutical market analysis. During his brief time with CIS, Justin completed a project to assess the potential market of a technology in the DDI portfolio and developed a valuation model to inform ongoing licensing negotiations. CIS was also able to connect Justin with an internship at a local biotech company. Justin graduated in May 2021 with his MBA in finance.

Thomas Stephens' Picture
Thomas Stephens, MID-EP Graduate Assistant
Mario Ramos Soszna's Picture
Mario Ramos Soszna, MID-EP Graduate Assistant

This initial test of the MID-EP model was highly successful, allowing us to quickly and efficiently jumpstart the program. In fall of 2021, CIS hired two new graduate associates—Mario Ramos “Alex” Soszna and Thomas Stephens, who will work with Dr. Wulff to analyze pharmaceutical technologies from a business perspective, while gaining experience conducting market research and exposure to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

For more information on future part-time graduate research opportunities in the Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program, please contact Dr. Brian Wulff,

2020 Mangurian Impact Report

"MID-EP helped me understand the pharmaceutical industry but more importantly how to analyze an industry at different levels, a critical tool needed in today's quick changing landscape.

MID-EP taught me to ask more thought provoking questions and analyze competitors in a market in order to drive better decision making as well as concisely present this information to key stakeholders. 

MID-EP has helped me professionally in my new role at Bayer by strengthening my ability to quickly learn about an industry and sector of the business, and where to effectively find this information."

--Mario Ramos (Alex) Soszna, MID-EP Graduate Assistant, MBA class of 2022

Thank you to The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation for their support of the Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program.