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Our mission

The Center for Innovation Strategies (CIS) inspires a growth mindset in organizations and students by

  • Acting as a catalyst and facilitator within the innovation ecosystem;
  • Providing quality instruction and enabling the co-creation and sharing of innovation knowledge, frameworks and tools, and;
  • Advancing innovation research and applied practice.

Defining Innovation
Innovation spans multiple disciplines and departments within companies and industries.
It is the practice of top-line growth and value creation through the development of new products and services, including new branded concepts, patents, and intellectual property.

  • Begins with target consumer’s articulated and unarticulated wants and needs
  • Employs multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Incorporates networked, “open innovation” based partnerships
  • Combines strategic rigor and creative intuition in decision making

Innovate with CIS

The CIS Team

  • CIS Leadership
  • Talented Student Interns/GAs

    Jenny LuuJenny Luu
    Jenny Luu is an intern focusing on program management within the Center of Innovation Strategies at The Ohio State University. She works alongside an experienced team to facilitate innovation sprints, build frameworks, and provide leadership support. The center’s overarching goal is to create an atmosphere conductive to innovation-based learning and ideation that results in real-life impacts and progress. Jenny Luu’s main focus is on a series of semester long student innovation accelerator programs which are bundled under a unique program called OnRamp, an innovation idea accelerator driven by creative students at The Ohio State University. Given initial concepts generated by a sponsor, a group of students will work together to find data, insights, and develop innovation techniques over a multi-week program which results in out-of-the-box solutions.

    Currently in her 4th year, Jenny is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering integrated in the health field with a minor in pharmacy studies. She is passionate about creating positive change in the world through problem-solving and innovation by using math and science. Jenny is originally from Albuquerque, NM, but moved to Cincinnati, OH in the summer of 2013 and now lives in Columbus to further her education and career. Aside from academics and professional work, Jenny is a part-time photographer and volunteers her skills around campus for organizations like TEDx, Unchained, and more!

    Cierra KingCierra King
    Cierra King is a fourth year Morrill Scholar pursuing a bachelor’s degree in New Media and Communications Technology with two minors in Sociology and Non-Profit Management. She is currently assisting with social media content development and marketing at the Center for Innovation Strategies at The Ohio State University. Cierra is also involved with the STEP program at Ohio State, through her role as Student Communications Manager, and WOSU Public Media, as a marketing intern. She looks forward to using her experience and creative skills to help clients share their organization’s message with the world.

    Ziqi ChenZiqi Chen
    Ziqi Chen is a senior at The Ohio State University double majoring in Finance and Economics. She is originally from China and moved to Virginia during high school. She will join the team to help manage the Mobility Innovation Sprint Program by facilitating conversations among participants and communicating with the partners and team. She has participated in the OnRamp student innovation accelerator for 4 semesters with experience working with different Fortune 500 sponsors. Her other involvements on campus include Asian Business Student Association (ABSA), Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club (BUCC), Honors Cohort Program, Phi Chi Theta (PCT) business fraternity, and Resident Advisor. She interned with Abercrombie & Fitch Co. as a Finance Intern in Summer 2022 and will join McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst upon graduation.

    Ana Jaurez-SantiagoAna Juarez-Santiago
    Ana Juarez-Santiago is sophomore in the Health Sciences major in Pre-Physical Therapy. In high school she was part of The Legacy Project all 4 years. Being in the program was inspiring as it allowed her to think in many ways on how innovation can improve ideas. As a Hispanic student, employer, and daughter, she wants to help others and instill inspiration so they can be passionate to help others. She is a Morrill Scholar and through this program was given the opportunity to help those in need by completing self-care kits for two organizations in Columbus. Ana feels that the opportunity to work with Legacy is a blessing, and she hopes to be an example to underserved students to let them know that anything is possible.

    Bharat RamBharat Ram Reddy Teegala
    Bharat Ram is a first year MBA student at The Ohio State Fisher College of Business. He earned his bachelor’s in engineering with honours from BITS Pilani, India (2017). Having worked in technology and business analytics for the past few years, he brings this experience to the Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program (MID-EP), providing CIS partners with insights and assessments to facilitate the development and commercialization of new therapeutic technologies.

    Bharat is looking to capitalise on his professional experience in analytics and technology and further amalgamate it with academic and business acumen from his studies at Fisher so he will be prepared to accelerate new innovations and technologies.

    Thomas Stephens' PictureThomas Stephens
    Thomas Stephens is a first year MBA student at The Ohio State Fisher College of Business with a focus in Business and Data Analytics. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Union College (New York) in 2018. After completing his undergraduate studies, he conducted research at Weill Cornell Medical College as part of a Hematology/Oncology Lab from 2018 to 2020. His research focused on hemopoietic stem cell reprograming as well as the role of basement membrane macromolecules in blood vessel formation and regeneration. In 2020, he moved from New York City to Columbus and briefly worked at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center before starting his MBA. Currently, Thomas is a member of the Medical Innovation Development Experiential Program (MID-EP) as a Graduate Research Associate  and is working under Brian Wulff PhD to provide technology assessments, market analysis, and competitive analysis of new therapeutic technologies to partners of CIS.

    Yash Verma's Photo Yash Verma
    Yash Verma is a freshman in the Business Administration Major with a specialization in Finance. At Ohio State, he is involved in multiple clubs such as Fencing Club, Indian Student Association, and other clubs. He is also involved in Programs such as OnRamp, in which he researches and brainstorms new strategies for companies to use, and The Legacy Project, in which he mentors two cohorts of Columbus students and teaches them growth mindset and innovation strategies. Yash is a part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scholars Program and would like to continue innovating and creating throughout his college career. He is looking forward to what the future holds.


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