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The Center for Innovation Strategies (CIS) inspires a growth mindset in organizations and students by:

  • Acting as a catalyst and facilitator within the innovation ecosystem;

  • Providing quality instruction and enabling the co-creation and sharing of innovation knowledge, frameworks and tools, and;

  • Advancing innovation research and applied practice.



Innovation spans multiple disciplines and departments within companies and industries.
It is the practice of top-line growth and value creation through the development of new products and services, including new branded concepts, patents, and intellectual property.

  • Begins with target consumer’s articulated and unarticulated wants and needs

  • Employs multi-disciplinary collaboration

  • Incorporates networked, “open innovation” based partnerships

  • Combines strategic rigor and creative intuition in decision making


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The CIS Team

Paul Reeder

Executive Director


Jenny Heckscher 

Director, Innovation Programs, Marketing and Outreach


Jenny Luu 

Innovation Program Manager


Brian Wulff

Program Director

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Paul Reeder  
Executive Director
Center for Innovation Strategies