Meet the Peer Career Coaches!

  • Isabella Cromleigh

    Issy Cromleigh

    Hometown: Strongsville, OH (Cleveland)
    Major: Marketing

    Hyland Software (Summer 2016)

    The J.M. Smucker Company (Summer 2017)

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach: Fisher is such an amazing community and by being a part of it I have gained a lot of experiences and opportunities.  I feel that being a Peer Career Coach allows me to give back to the Fisher community, while helping other students working through exciting times!
    Fun fact: My favorite sport is wrestling!
    My idea of a perfect day at OSU:  The weather is sunny and warm, but not extremely hot. I would meet up with a friend at Heirloom Café for a coffee, sit at the tables outside of Mason to get some work done.  Go with friends to Cazuela’s, and hang out together for the rest of the night!


  • Maria Grund

    Maria Grund

    Hometown: Columbus, OH
    Major: Logistics & Operations

    The Upper Arlington Education Foundation

    Loeb Electric

    JP Morgan Chase

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach:

    I really love the idea of helping others especially with professional development. At one point or another we were all in the dark about career fair etiquette and the dos and don’ts of networking and without someone to teach us who knows where we would’ve ended up. So I would love to teach what I’ve learned throughout my time at Fisher to students who haven’t had those experiences yet.

    On campus Involvement: Honors and Scholars Ambassadors, Undergraduate Business Women's Association, Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Fisher Leaders Initiative, University Ambassadors
    Fun fact:

    I have “dunked” off a pass from an OSU basketball player while playing on their team.

  • Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson

    Hometown: Franklin, TN
    Major: Accounting, Logistics

    Express Inc. in Columbus, OH (2016)

    Deloitte in Nashville, TN (2017)

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach:

    I used the Career Coaches myself, during my freshman and sophomore years especially, and really gained useful knowledge from the individuals I saw. They were always so friendly and professional, and I found it easier to talk to them over a company representative or a professor. I now want to share everything I’ve earned over the past three years at Fisher to help my peers accomplish their goals in anyway I can.

    Fun fact about me: My favorite cause is Soccer Over Seas--an organization I helped start with my older sister back in High School.
    What I like best about being a Fisher student: The friendly atmosphere that surrounds the entire school. I have found myself having classes with similar people and some of those individuals have become really great friends of mine.


  • Vinki Jiang

    Vinki Jiang


    Hometown: Shenzhen, China
    Major: Finance

    Pingan Corporation--Operational Planning Intern

    Yingda Securities--Investment Banking Summer Analyst

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach:

    When I was an under-class student, I got to meet several very successful upper-class students, including one of the former career coaches. I learned so much from them, and they gave me many useful pieces of advice that eventually made me who I am today. I want to utilize the things I learned from the past to give back to my fellow Fisher students.

    A fun fact about me:

    I drove a horse carriage down the Newschwanstein Castle in Germany.

    Best advice I would offer to a new Fisher student:

    Don’t let anything scare you away from what you want, and have faith in yourself.

  • Colin Lippincott

    Colin square

    Hometown: Akron, OH
    Major: Finance

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

    Nationwide Insurance

    Northcoast Research

    Ross, Sinclaire & Associates

    RBC Capital Markets

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach: I have always volunteered in the Akron Public School system at home, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community. Also, receiving so much guidance from older students in the Fisher Futures Investment Banking Program demonstrated how large of an impact one Fisher student can have on another.
    A fun fact about me: My favorite food is lobster!
    On-campus involvement: Buckeye Capital Investors, Fisher Futures Investment Banking Program, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Adopt-a-School


  • Taylor Ruby

    Taylor Ruby

    Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
    Major: Accounting

    Ernst & Young (EY), Audit Intern

    Jones, Cochenour & Company

    National Church Residences

    Buddy Up Tennis

    What inspired me to become a Career Coach: My passion for professional development and personal branding that was inspired by my previous internships and personal experiences.
    My favorite cause: Buddy Up Tennis, an organization that helps children with Down Syndrome learn to play tennis, is my favorite cause.  Being involved in this program has impacted my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
    Best advice I would offer to a new Fisher student: Take advantage of every opportunity because you never know where one might lead you.  Also, talk to every person you cross paths with because networking is one of the most impactful things you can do and you can learn something from every person you meet.