[We] are committed to bringing about positive social change in areas of the world that most need it. We are excited to partner with the talented students at Fisher College of Business who recognize this need and who are dedicated to making a difference. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts these scholars will have in communities around the world for years to come.

Chris & Sara ConnorChairman, Sherwin-Williams '78 BA; '80 BS

There are many ways to invest in Fisher. From gifts to the Ohio State Fund for Fisher to establishing a legacy through endowments and planned gifts, there is a gift vehicle to meet your philanthropic goals.

Beyond annual gifts to the college, many of our alumni and friends choose to tailor their support to meet their personal philanthropic interests and goals. Opportunities can include a commitment to the college establishing a named endowed fund or making a long-term commitment through an estate planning gift. 


  • Cash Gifts

    Cash gifts have a significant impact on Fisher's ability to do everything from addressing immediate needs to providing financial support for our students and maintaining quality programs. Your support today will make a difference as we work to preserve the high quality of the Fisher experience.

    Cash gifts can be made by credit card, personal check, cashier's check or money order made payable to The Ohio State University Foundation. Include Fisher College of Business in the memo portion and mail to:

    Office of Advancement, Fisher College of Business
    101 Fisher Hall, 2100 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210

    You may also make your gift via phone at (614) 688-3197 or online using our secure web site here:

  • Recurring Gifts

    Recurring gifts secure continual cash-flow for the college. To set up a recurring gift please, call Fisher at (614) 688-3197 or call The Ohio State University Foundation's Office of Gift Processing directly at (614) 292-2141.

  • Appreciated Securities

    Gifts of long-term, highly appreciated securities are the most common type of outright property gift. These gifts may be made as outright gifts or as a payment on a pledge. Typically, individual stocks are given; however, bonds or mutual fund shares are also attractive gift options. Outright gifts of securities can be made quickly, and these gifts let you do more with your gift because of the very attractive tax benefits.

  • Matching Gifts

    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Taking advantage of this opportunity maximizes the impact of your individual gift. 

  • Gifts in Kind

    Many donors choose to support the college's outreach and engagement efforts by hosting events with college leaders, current students, alumni and friends. Hosting these events is tax-deductible and is recognized by giving societies at Fisher and Ohio State. 

    Additional alternatives to monetary gifts such as equipment, software or other items that can be used for the purposes of business education are appreciated. More information about making such a donation can be found by contacting a fundraising professional in the Office of Advancement by calling (614) 688-3197 or emailing givetofisher@osu.edu.

  • Endowments and Multi-year Pledges

    Donors may elect to create a pledge, paid over a period of up to five years, to fulfill a commitment to a new or an existing philanthropic opportunity. Many times donors like to create a pledge to establish an endowed fund, which will provide support to the college in perpetuity. At Fisher, there are a variety of endowment opportunities, ranging from scholarships support to faculty support.

    More information about making a pledge and/or establishing an endowment can be found by contacting a fundraising professional in the Office of Advancement, calling (614) 688-3197 or emailing givetofisher@osu.edu.

  • Gift Planning

    Thoughtful gift planning gives you the opportunity to create a legacy and make a lasting impact while helping Ohio State deliver on its promise to create a better tomorrow for people everywhere. These commitments can be made through a variety of giving vehicles, which are listed below. Planned gifts are recognized by The Ohio State University Neil Legacy Society

    If you’re interested in learning more about some of the ways to support Fisher through a gift planning opportunity, please contact the Office of Advancement at Fisher or have your professional advisor reach out to us directly via phone at (614) 688-3197 or email at givetofisher@osu.edu.

    If Ohio State is already included in your estate plans, you can declare your intentions to us by filling out this online form. A member of the Advancement team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the many ways your commitment can create a lasting impact on campus.

Whether inspired to give because of the impact Fisher has had on your business education or career, to honor a professor or memorialize a loved one, every donor's story is unique. We look forward to learning yours.

How your investment makes a difference at Fisher

Contact the Office of Advancement

How and where you choose to make your philanthropic impact is a very personal decision. Contact a team member in the Office of Advancement to explore giving opportunities that match your interests and passions at Fisher. 

Fisher College of Business
Office of Advancement
Fisher Hall
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210