Previous Alumni Award Recipients

2019 Fisher Alumni Award Recipients

The Max M. Fisher College of Business Alumni Board founded the Alumni Awards in 1993 to establish a tradition of honoring alumni who personify the college's legacy of excellence. Recognized for their outstanding achievements, career accomplishments and community contributions, recipients are celebrated at our annual Fisher Alumni Awards.

Previous Alumni Award Recipients

  • Professional Achievement Award

    This award is presented to an alumna or alumnus in their early to mid-career who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in business, civic involvement and service to the college.

    Damon Frost (2019)
    Eric L. Lenard (2018)
    Sunil Doshi (2017)
    Roman Khlupin (2016)
    Summer Smith (2016)

    Formerly known as Go Beyond Award
    Elizabeth Entinghe (2015)
    Lisa Ingram (2014)

    Formerly known as Young Professional Achievement Award
    Aditya Mittal (2013)
    Greg Lehman (2012)
    Chris Yamasaki (2011)
    Marcie N. Beiling Heinrich (2010)
    Timothy B. Gallagher (2009)
    Ami Scott (2008)
    David K. Schoettmer (2007)
    Ryan Helon (2006)
    Kathleen L. Smith (2005)
    Thomas Lah (2005)
    Dana R. Houston (2004)
    Dawn H. Severt (2003)
    Jeffrey W. Montie (2002)
    Sandra K. Vlahos (2001)
    John T. Shave (2000)
    Dwight W. Crawford (1999)
    Constantine S. Yannias (1998)
    David Wietecha (1997)
    Roderick H. Dillon, Jr. (1996)
    Larry J. Fox (1995)
    Bryan L. Kelln (1994)
    Lynn B. Edens (1994)
    Clair S. Sawaya (1993)
    Mark R. Goldston (1993)

  • Entrepreneurship Award

    This award is presented to an alumna or alumnus recognized for significant contributions to the entrepreneurship community through the development, launch and investment in successful new ventures. This award also recognizes outstanding commitment to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    Kenneth (Ken) L. Coleman (2019) 
    Nate DeMars (2018)

    Formerly known as Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award
    Brad Hunstable (2017)
    Clayton Daley III (2016)
    Srikanth Gaddam (2015)
    Dave Bianconi (2014)

    Formerly known as Entrepreneurship Award
    Douglas Weintraub (2013)
    Fred Brothers II (2012)
    Reuben Klamer (2011)
    David W. Heard (2010)
    Timothy P. Keenan (2008)
    Vincent T. Aveni (2007)

  • Global Business Excellence Award

    This award is presented to an alumna or alumnus recognized nationally and internationally for significant contributions to business — and for helping to advance the global learning of Fisher students.

    Anu Saxena (2019)
    Stephen D. Milligan (2018)
    Craig Bahner (2017)
    Melinda Whittington (2016)
    Dwight Smith (2015)
    Sunil Sabharwal (2014)

    Formerly known as International Alumni Award
    Anthony Manna (2013)
    Douglas Goare (2012)
    James Milby (2011)
    William B. Austin (2010)
    William Yeack (2009)
    Dale MacDonald (2008)
    Jesse J. Tyson (2007)
    Scott Baum (2006)
    Paul T. Yin (2005)
    Deven Sharma (2004)
    Paul T. Walters (2003)
    Douglas M. Loewe (2002)
    Gary J. Ross (2001)
    Charles J. Bramlage (2000)
    Steven M. Burgess (1999)
    Malcolm J. Gudis (1998)

  • Excellence in Service Award

    This award is presented to an extraordinary alumna or alumnus who has demonstrated a consummate commitment to service — to their alma mater, in their local community and to humankind.

    Gerard E. (Moe) Modecki (2019)
    Margie Harris (2018)
    Judy Tansky (2017)

    Formerly known as Community Service Award
    Christopher Schumacher (2013)
    Sally Leonhardt Nelson (2012)
    Tyrone Scott (2011)
    Charles W. Gehring (2010)
    Katherine Anne Mabe (2009)
    Tim McCarthy (2008)
    Jennifer Ann Roer (2007)
    Cynthia Hilsheimer (2006)
    Raquel Diaz-Sprague (2005)
    Eric L. Colombo (2003)
    William J. Dolan (2003)
    Robert J. Weiler, Sr. (2002)
    Lawrence D. Funderburke (2002)
    Archie M. Griffin (2001)
    Dwight E. Smith (2000)
    William E. Arthur (1999)
    Dorothy R. Brownley (1998)
    Jack W. Kessler (1997)
    Dorothy R. Brownley (1996)
    Wallace J. Buya (1996)
    Eldon W. Ward (1995)
    Hugh R. Higgins (1995)
    John K. Pfahl (1994)
    George A. Gummer (1994)
    Theodore M. Gray (1994)
    Michael R. White (1993)
    Sandra w. Harbrecht (1993)

  • Distinguished Leadership Award

    Inspired by Max M. Fisher’s legacy of leadership and dedication to others, the Distinguished Alumni Leadership Award honors an alumna or alumnus who has served as a principled leader in their company and their community. They are service-oriented catalysts who affect positive change in their profession and seek to advance the common good.

    James R. Allen (2019)
    Denis G. Simon (2019)
    John B. Gerlach Jr. (2018)
    Paula Bennett (2017)
    Cynthia Hilsheimer (2016)
    Gerald R. Williams (2013)
    William C. Killgallon (2012)
    Michael Heschel (2011)
    Stephen G. Mehallis (2010)
    Clayton Carl Daley, Jr (2009)
    Phillip H. Urban (2008)
    Timothy A. Michael (2007)
    James O'Brien (2006)
    Tanny Crane (2005)
    James G. Oates (2004)
    David C. Rader (2003)
    Camille M. Gibson (2003)
    Richard D. Johnson (2002)
    Peter H. Edwards, Sr. (2001)
    David A. Rismiller (2000)
    Russel B. Klein (1999)
    Robert A. Oakley (1998)
    William D. Bradford (1997)
    George Sladoje (1996)
    Thad R. Perry (1995)
    Alex Schoenbaum (1994)
    John B. Gerlach, Sr. (1993)
    Kenneth L. Coleman (1993)

  • Achievement Award

    Peter A. Cohen (2002)
    Vincent T. Aveni (2002)
    Max M. Fisher (2001)
    Harley E. Rouda (2000)
    Marlese N. Rouda (2000)
    Raymond E. Mason, Jr. (1999)
    Ralph E. Kent (1998)
    William F. Spengler, Jr. (1997)
    Robert B. Smith (1996)
    Ray J. Groves (1995)

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