Alumni Board

Our alumni have forged trails of innovation, explored frontiers of global business and are redefining our path forward as principled leaders, socially responsible business builders and enterprising entrepreneurs. At the forefront of this family is the Fisher College of Business Alumni Board.

These individuals, representing all majors, eras and geographic locations, have distinguished themselves as leaders and difference-makers in business and in their communities. Collectively, they are an important voice in helping to shape the purpose, priorities and values of the Fisher College of Business community.


The mission of the Alumni Board is to assist Fisher College of Business in its role as an international leader in education through the college’s delivery of creative and innovative programs that produce highly valued professionals for the worldwide business community.

The Fisher Alumni Board:

  • Serves as a liaison between alumni, students, employers and Fisher,
  • Collaborates with Fisher staff to identify goals and develop initiatives to achieve those goals that will benefit from alumni participation and
  • Supports and participates in events to encourage fellowship among alumni.


The Alumni Board meets twice a year on campus (fall and spring) with each member serving as an active part of a committee deigned to work with the college’s goals.

Through its committees, the board more specifically assists the college in:

  • Recruiting new students
  • Assisting and mentoring students in job placement
  • Networking with alumni, students, faculty, and the business community; including domestic and international alumni through Fisher Global Council events
  • Recognizing alumni achievement at the annual Fisher Alumni Awards dinner, as well as student achievement via Pacesetters

Board Members
Dave Ahnmark MBA '78
Gerard Alfred MLHR '09
Christina Alutto MBA '14
Jeffrey S. Barry BSBA '03
Andrew Brown BSBA '05
Katy Brownley MBA '02
Scott Chapman MBA '04
L. Keenan Delaney BSBA '84
Anthony DiSanza BSBA '85
Bill D’Onofrio MBA '07
Sunil Doshi BSBA '94
Andrew Fast BSBA '12, MAcc '12, MBA '17
Damon Frost BSBA '96
Julia Grisdela MAcc '16
Rick Guba MBOE '13
Margery Harris BSBA '82
Kelly Hill BSBA '95, MBA '05
Eric Hornung BSBA '14
Mara Kamat BSBA '08
Dipan Karumsi MBA '02
Mike Kelly BSBA '86, MBA '91
Aaron Kimson BSBA '17
Kevin Korney BSBA '91
Brad Lakhia BSBA '97, MBA '05
Philippe Lavertu BSBA '02
Eric Lenard BSBA '97, MBA '97
Sam McCoy BSBA '11, MAcc '12
Omer Masud MBA '05
Andrew Maynor MLHR '09
Moe Modecki BSBA '75, MBA '76
Jason Mudd BSBA '96, EMBA '07
Tim Paridon BSBA '07
Evan Ransome BSBA '11
John Robertson BSBA '79
Katie Schacht BSBA '08
Jamie Schroeder BSBA '95
Curtis Scott MBA '98
Mariah Scott BSBA '15, MAcc '16
Ty Shepfer BSBA '07, MLHR '09
Denis Simon BSBA '69
Mark Simon BSBA '03
Arun Singh BSBA '05
Press Southworth BSBA '75
Jim Terranova BSBA '75
Alan Wernick BSBA '74
Erica Wicks BSBA '07

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