Students interested in the field of finance come to Ohio State to learn from and collaborate from the best minds in the industry.

On the Job Market

Name   Job Market Paper Advisor
Zhengyu Cao CV “Sources of Debt and Expected Stock Returns” Prof. Lu Zhang
Prof. Kewei Hou
Spencer Couts  CV "When is Liquidity Management Detrimental? Evidence from Open-end Real Estate Funds" Prof. Itzhak Ben-David

Current PhD Students

  Name Email Admitted Year
  Greg Allen 2014
  Brad Cannon 2015
  Zhengyu Cao 2014
  Spencer Couts 2013
  Rui Gong 2017
  Eduard Inozemtsev 2018
  Mark Johnson 2016
  Byung Wook Kim 2018
  Hyeik Kim 2016
  Minki Kim 2016
  Minsu Ko 2017
  Jason Lee 2016
  Dongxu Li 2015
  John Lynch 2017
  Rick Ogden 2017
  Hoa Tran 2018