Business Administration Honors Contract Program

2016 Honors Contract: Through Industry Clusters Program

The new Business Administration Honors Contract: Through Industry Clusters program offers students the opportunity to tailor their honors experience by selecting an industry for in-depth study.

The Fisher Industry Clusters program, the first of its kind in the nation, is designed to encourage students to dive into a specific industry, apply the theories and tools learned in their other coursework to solve today’s industry program, and to standout in a crowded marketplace. Fisher faculty experts and C-suite executives immerse cluster students within the specific industry in a learning environment that incorporates case studies, presentations, simulations, and industry projects.

In addition to the deep dive into an industry, students in the program are trained in project management, their presentation skills are honed through professional coaching and they participate in a variety of co-curricular professional development activities and events making these students uniquely prepared to step out of the classroom and into the practice of business. Through the Industry Cluster program, students gain business and leadership experience typically found exclusively at the graduate level.

Beginning in Fall 2014 this very successful program will be enhanced with an “honors experience” for students who will commit to a two-year Industry Cluster engagement. During their junior year, a select group of honors students will participate in a cluster and attend a series of workshops on team leadership and industry research practices. In their second, and senior year in the program, honors students will work closely with the respective faculty expert, and participate in a yearlong Honors seminar designed to further develop critical thinking, communication and leadership skills. Each student will write and present an individual industry research report in fall, and will be assigned a team of junior students to mentor on a real-world project in spring. 

Each year, up to 10 honors students will be selected for each Industry Cluster. The clusters for 2016 include: Business Analytics, Consulting, Consumer Package Goods, Energy & Sustainability, Financial Services, Health Care, Manufacturing, Middle Markets, and Retail.

Honors Contract group

In addition to a two-year engagement with Industry Clusters, Honors Contract students are required to complete a minor, or second concentration outside of business. Students can select from more than 100 university-approved minors or over 175 concentrations/majors. Early communication and planning with an Honors advisor will allow students to find exactly the right cluster and minor/second concentration to suit their personal interests and career goals.

Application Process for 2016

Students interested in participating in the Honors Contract: Through Industry Clusters program must first apply for and be accepted to an Industry Cluster. Additionally, the student must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA and attain Rank 3 status by Autumn 2016. Prior honors/upper-division coursework will strengthen a student’s application.

  • Complete your online Industry Clusters application and submit it by Sunday, January 24, 2016 at 5:00pm.  Late applications will not be considered.  Please have your updated resume available in PDF form before beginning the application.  Resumes submitted in a form other than PDF will not be considered.  In addition, plan on 30-60 minutes to complete the application and be prepared to answer a variety of closed and open-ended questions. Questions about the Industry Clusters Program? Email

  • Complete the online Honors Program Application and submit it by Friday, February 19, 2016 at 5:00p.m.


Applicants must have completed the following prerequisites by the end of Spring 2016 semester:

  • Math 1131, 1151, or 1161 (Math 1152 is preferred)
  • Econ 2001.01 or 2001.03H*
  • Econ 2002.01 or 2002.03H*
  • ACCTMIS 2200H* or 2200
  • ACCTMIS 2300H* or 2300
  • CSE 2111 or 1113
  • STAT 1430 or 1430H
  • BUSMGT 2320
  • BUSMGT 2321
  • BUSMHR 2292 or 2292H* 

* This course is strongly recommended

Applicants for Honors Contract: Through Industry Clusters will be chosen based on: academic excellence; demonstrated leadership; extracurricular engagement; work experience; and ability to contribute to the program. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate with “Honors in Business Administration” and “Research Distinction” diploma designations.

You may contact Professor Pat West, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, or an Honors Advisor with Honors Contract questions.