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The Risk Institute is where thought leaders, seasoned professionals, and students of risk come together. We’re constantly engaged in an open, collaborative dialog about risk: its complexity, its relevance across all industries, and its potential as a tool for competitiveness and growth.

The result? The gap between academia and practice grows smaller. Long-time experts and fresh new thinkers offer each other challenges, and help each other find solutions. Industries that once seemed worlds apart find common ground. And every member of the conversation leaves knowing more—about why risk matters, and how it can be used to their advantage.


Past events

Social Media and Risk Management - Balancing Risk to Create Value 
February 12

Assistant Professor Lanier Holt of the Ohio State University School of Communication discussed relevant communication theories explaining how the media can influence customer perceptions and how the application of these theories has changed in today's digital world; and Bill Deakin, Executive Director, North America Consumer Practice of EY laid out keys to developing a strong, structured and enterprise-wide social media strategy. 

November 19 - The Risk Institute Open House

The Risk Institute Open House brought together students and faculty from diverse department across Ohio State interested in risk-related research. The open house was designed to introduce The Risk Institute to the Ohio State community, and provide details about available funding for research on topics related to the identification, measurement and management of the ever-changing and often interconnected risks impacting organizations. We also announced the call for papers for The Risk Institute’s first academic conference taking place April 24, 2015 and a Request for Proposal for research grants. Both of these opportunities are designed to advance our approaches to leveraging and managing organizational risk.

November 13 -  Balancing Risk to Create Value

Over the past several years, innovation has been widely touted by both executives and researchers as an effective means for companies to revitalize their strategy, improve their financial performance, and create long-term growth and value. In this session of the 2014-15 Risk Institute Executive Education Series, Fisher College of Business Associate Professor Michael Leiblein discussed the importance of effectively managing innovation and various associated risks that companies face and introduced a simulation exercise to help sensitize executives to the challenges of innovation. James Sonnett, Managing Partner at Redwood Innovation,  discussed a series of models and tools that may be used to accelerate innovation and the implications of these approaches based on his experiences as an Innovation Executive at Battelle, DuPont and W.L .Gore. Overall, the session emphasized the importance of balancing the role of innovation and the associated risks to create value.

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October 28 - Chief Risk Officer Panel

CRO panelThe Risk Institute hosted a panel of high-level risk management professionals who discussed enterprise risk management strategies in the various industries they represented.  The panel consisted of Michael Mahaffey, the Chief Risk Officer for Nationwide, Steve Haynes, the Chief Risk Officer and VP for Strategic Initiatives at American Electric Power, Doug Huffner, Associate Risk Officer at The Ohio State University and David Mehrle, Senior Vice President of Retail & Business Banking Risk at Huntington National Bank. The panel was moderated by Professor Greg Sabin.


October 22-23 - The Risk Institute Launch and Conference

The Risk Institute Launch and Conference event was designed to bring together experts from industry and academia interested in the conversation about integrating risk management into business decisions. For more information please visit the conference website.

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Regular series

The Risk Institute Executive Education Series

Several times throughout the year, the Risk Institute hosts special seminars for executive business professionals. Focused on topics that range from crisis readiness to choice architecture, these seminars offer presentations from both faculty and practitioners, as well as breakout session to facilitate action-based learning.

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Morning Briefing Seminars

Throughout the year, The Risk Institute hosts a series of breakfast events featuring risk managment experts who share thier experience and/or research on a risk managment topic. These events are a great format for getting valuable insight into various subjects across the risk discipline, learning more about some of the cutting-edge research going on at The Risk Institute and networking with other professionals in the risk field.  

Past Morning Briefing Seminars


 Round Table Discussions

Partners of the Risk Institute gather with other thought leaders to periodically exchange ideas and strategies, and participate in problem-solving sessions as a group. These elite events are by invitation only. Highlights can be found here on the Risk Institute website after each event.