Center for Lean Healthcare Research

Lean. For decades, its waste-reducing, value-creating principles have sparked landmark transformations at Toyota, Honda and other automakers hungry to maintain competitive edge and drive efficiency. These success stories have been so powerful that other manufacturers and service-industry organizations have picked up the torch – and as pressure mounts to improve patient care and reduce costs, lean is emerging as a viable solution for many health-care organizations.

The Center for Lean Healthcare Research equips hospitals and other healthcare organizations with the tools and guidance they need to execute lasting lean transformations by facilitating collaboration, building a vibrant research base, and engaging in research. Learn more HERE.

What's Happening

Mark your Calendars...
Dallas Evening 

CLHR to Host 2nd Annual Lean Healthcare Research Symposium on June 2 in Dallas
Thanks to the interest building from last year's Symposium and through on-going interaction with researchers across the country and some in Canada and Europe, the Center for Lean Healthcare Research will be hosting the 2nd Symposium in Dallas leading into the 6th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit, hosted by the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. This year's Symposium will highlight recent work but focus primarily on building research collaborations. We look forward to welcoming faculty, practitioners, and administrators interested in the lean healthcare research agenda. (Image courtesy of kancp26 at Click HERE for more information.

CLHR Director to Present at the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Annual Conference in Nashville
In the lead up to our Symposium in Dallas, our Director Sharon Schweikhart will be leading a lean healthcare research session at IIE's Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Sessions (ISERC). Since lean methodology can be utlized in many disciplines, the Center for Lean Healthcare Research is excited to be presenting at the largest industrial engineering event of the year.

Nationally Recognized Researchers Join CLHR
Having identified a need to unite the lean healthcare research community, the Center for Lean Healthcare Research has established their Research Advisory Council (RAC). A wide variety of lean healthcare leaders and innovators from across the country are partnering with CLHR to make lean part of the national healthcare dialogue. Click HERE for more information.